Precautions, regulations and information for safe travel - Covid-19

Precautions, regulations and information for safe travel - Covid-19

8. March, 2022

Precautions, regulations and information to travel safely – Covid-19

A sailing holiday is one of the best ways to naturally limit interpersonal contact, being outdoors and  experiencing sea life. Our active travel itineraries have been studied to guarantee the safety of guests and crews, respecting the local regulations in force at the date of departure. 

How we are working:

 Depending on the country of destination or the type or trip, below you can find a summary of the regulations and instructions currently in force.




Single boats: leasing and rental with and without skipper

Normative Requirements: http://www.mit.gov.it/comunicazione/news/fase-2bis-linee-guida-mit-per-il-trasporto-nautico-e-la-balneazione

Note: we trust that the restriction on sharing a cabin with non-cohabitants will be removed as has been done for hotels and overnight services.

⚠️ Notice for passengers with destination Sicily: pursuant to the current provisions issued by the President of the Sicilian Region, the mandatory registration on siciliasicura.com is communicated for non-residents and non-domiciled who will arrive in Sicily.

⚠️ Notice for passengers bound for Sardinia: in accordance with the regulations of the Region of Sardinia, a registration must be made for each crew member electronically on the following site:

Form to fill out: https://sus.regione.sardegna.it/sus/covid19/regimbarco/init?lang=it

Details: https://www.regione.sardegna.it/j/v/25?s=410258&v=2&c=94253&t=1

Opening date: from 3 June 2020 Italy has reopened its regional and national borders.


It is possible to travel to Spain without restrictions and also for TOURISM reasons. There are no entry restrictions or quarantine obligations for travelers arriving in Spain from an EU + Schengen country and from Norway, Switzerland, Iceland or Liechtenstein.

  Forms and procedures for entry into Spain by air (COMPILATION REQUIRED FOR ACCESS)

To protect everyone's health, Spanish government has implemented a series of health control measures, applicable to all passengers traveling to and from Spain by air:

We remind travelers that they must wear a mask and follow all the safety measures indicated by the airline company and tby he airport authorities, at the airport and during the flight. If possible, we recommend that you check in online to avoid unnecessary procedures at the airport. We also remind you that many airlines companies no longer allow you to carry hand baggage in the cabin, with the exception of baggage containing items for personal use that fits under the seat. Travel information from the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs can be found at the link: Asistencia coronavirus consolare

Those who enter / re-enter in Italy from Spain and the Canary Islands (after stay or even just transit in the 14 days prior to entering Italy), in addition to fill in a self-declaration and the attached form for https://context.reverso.net/traduzione/inglese-italiano/acknowledgmentacknowledgment of the the anti-Covid legislation the return to Italy from abroad, also must:

  1. a) submit a certificate of having undergone to a molecular or antigenic test, in the 72 hours prior to entry into the national territory carried out by a negative swab;


  1. b) upon the arrival at the airport, port or border place (where possible) or within 48 hours of entering the national territory at the local health authority of reference, undergo a molecular or antigen test, carried out by a swab.

Persons who have stayed or passed through these countries in the 14 days prior to arrival in Italy must also communicate their entry into the Italian territory to the Prevention Department of the competent Health Authority.


News: 20.04.21

Below we send you the update Covid-19 for entry into Greece until 14.05.2021

The seven-day fiduciary isolation (quarantine) previously in force has been removed for passengers residing in EU countries, the Schengen area, the United Kingdom, the USA, the United Arab Emirates, Serbia and Israel. Entry into Greece will therefore be allowed with:

Single boats: rental with or without skipper

Cabin and flotilla tours

Those who enter/re-enter Italy (after stay or even just transit) until further notice, must:
a) present an attestation of having undergone, within 48 hours before arrival in Italy, a molecular or antigenic test, carried out by means of a buffer and negative result;
b) immediately communicate its presence in Italy to the competent Health Agency;
c) carry out five-day preventive quarantine in their home;

d) carry out a further molecular or antigenic test at the end of five days

Regulatory references: http://www.viaggiaresicuri.it/country/GRC


Single boats: rental and charter with and without skipper

Form for entry to Croatia (RECOMMENDED COMPILATION): https://entercroatia.mup.hr/
We remind you that in case of entry by car it will be necessary to print the coupon that must be displayed on the windshield during transit through customs. We recommend having BeBlue boarding passes available on mobile or printed paper.

How to fill in the registration form for entry in Croatia

After filling in the personal data and answering the questions, it will be necessary to answer the questions about the accommodation. Here some recommended answers:

Legislation and useful informations for travel in Croatia: https://mup.gov.hr/uzg-covid/english/286212

Self-declaration to be delivered to the carrier in case of public transport upon return to Italy: https://www.esteri.it/mae/resource/doc/2020/08/modulo_rientro_da_estero_12_08_2020.pdf

Open date: from 8th May 2020 Croatia has reopened the regional and national borders.


Currently the Italian government does not allow travel for tourism reasons in many non-EU countries.

Here below you can find an updated list of the Countries and territories where you can travel from Italy and of any precautions that the traveler will have to follow upon return.


Useful documents:



Current Italian legislation: http://www.governo.it/it/coronavirus-normativa 

Latest real-time information available on Reopen Europe: https://reopen.europa.eu/it/map/HRV

Cancellation and refund policies related to the COVID-19 situation

BeBlue doesn’t stop and wants to help you to look at the future with optimism. You can keep on dreaming about your holidays with the assistance of an expert and professional tour operator, with which you can always be sure to receive guidance and support in any situation! You can book your holidays in all serenity and with the light-heartedness that your free time deserves, because we are here to assist and reassure you even in the most uncertain moments. 

Holidays represent for all of us an important moment of amusement and relax, and never as today we would like to be able to take a break from daily life and think about booking our next trip. 

Thus, we have decided to develop some refund policies that can better protect you, your trips and the money you have invested, especially in this historical moment that requires a temporary but important change of habits. 

That said, taking into consideration the Decree of the Italian Prime Minister published in the Official Gazette on March 9, 2020 (G.U. no. 62 of 09-03-2020) “Further implementing provisions of the Decree-Law of February 23, 2020, n. 6, concerning urgent measures for the containment and management of the epidemiological emergency COVID-19”, which extended on the entire national territory the measures contained in article 1 of the decree of the Prime Minister of March 8, 2020 (G.U. no. 59 of 08-03-2020) and integrates the previous Decree-Law no. 9 of March 2, 2020 regarding “Urgent measures for the support of families, workers and enterprises connected to the epidemiological emergency COVID-19”, with regard to the refund of travel tickets and tourist packages, below we describe the refund policies adopted by BeBlue S.r.l. 

REFUND POLICIES – Tours and cruises with cabin rent

  1. For travelers who must cancel their holidays because they are resident on the national territory and in the municipalities included in a restraining ordinance issued by the competent authorities, Beblue S.r.l. will issue a holiday voucher equal to the amount paid to BeBlue S.r.l., usable for new bookings with departure within 1 year from the emission date and for the available destinations, for the same type of holiday package. The voucher must be spent in the same way as the original booking (website, agency/vendor partner);
  2. For travelers who were supposed to travel to destinations that deny access to all Italian citizens or only to citizens who are resident in specific regions/areas of Italy as reported in the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs ““viaggiaresicuri.it”, BeBlue S.r.l., in its discretion and depending on the type of holiday package purchased, will be able to: 
    • offer to the traveler a change of booking with new travel dates for the same destination of the original booking, for a value equal or higher than the original booking; 
  1. For all other bookings and departures that are not referable to the previous points, we will take into consideration the normal conditions specified in the contract signed at the time of booking. 

Cancellation conditions
Booking cancellation provides for a refund through a holiday voucher of the entire paid amount, including the inclusive AXA Base health and luggage insurance policy. The refund does not include all possible supplementary policies that are available and can be chosen at the time of booking (e.g. AXA Cancellation, AXA Light Cancellation and All Risks). 

REFUND POLICIES – Tours with rental of an entire boat

BeBlue has available more than 18,000 boats from ship owners all over the world. The ship owners we represent have prepared themselves for the current Covid-19 situation, providing us with dedicated cancellation, discount and rerouting policies.
Depending on the destination and the selected period, we can help you finding the best solution for your holiday. Contact the BeBlue experts for more information.

Dedicated page with updates on precautions, regulations and information to travel in safety - Summer 2020: https://www.beblue.it/it/tour-operator/estate-2020-sicurezza-covid-19

Cancellation conditions - Examples

Here are some examples of “Cancellation conditions COVID-19” applied by national and international ship owners for the safeguard of BeBlue travelers. Depending on each case and on the ship owner, it is possible to:

Changes to your reservation may involve price variations due to seasonality: if the new travel dates, the new selected boat and/or the alternative destination you have chosen were to entail a price reduction or an extra charge, the booking will be adjusted according to the indications. 


An additional protection: Travel insurances in case of cancellation

EIS Insurance – Cancellation Insurance specific for sailing trips. It is possible to insure both skipper and travel expenses (flights, ferries and hotels). It applies in case of illness, injury, death, theft or household fire, layoff or new recruitment.

Costs: 4% of the value of the trip / Allowance in case of accident: € 100 per person or 20% (illness/death).
More details: https://www.beblue.it/it/tour-operator/assicurazioni-noleggio 

AXA “Tripy Light” – Insurance studied to cover cases of illness, injury, death (also of family members) and natural disasters, extended to damages/theft to your house or your enterprise, cancellation of working leave (employees), layoff or new recruitment.  

Costs: 5.5% of the value of the trip / Allowance in case of accident: 20%
More details: read the policy extract

We answer your questions

Below we have collected some of the most common questions about our cabin rent or flotilla tour offers related to Coronavirus. Since the situation is in constant evolution, this page will be updated on a regular basis so that together we can find the best solution for each single case.

I have booked a holiday but I am resident in a quarantine area, what should I do?
It is possible to cancel the booking without penalties – we invite you to contact our offices by writing an email to info@beblue.it or calling our number 041.8627010 to check the reimbursement or the voucher issuance procedure with us.

I have booked a holiday but now the destination is closed. Can I get a reimbursement?
For all reimbursement procedures, you can refer to the Decree-Law no. 9 of March 2, 2020 regarding “Urgent measures for the support of families, workers and enterprises connected to the epidemiological emergency COVID-19” mentioned above. In any case, when there is an official restriction from the authorities that includes your trip destination, we will contact you to find the best alternative solution together. 

I have booked a holiday and want to leave, but I don’t know if the country of destination will confirm the access for my country of residence. What should I do?
If the country of destination has some restrictions for travelers coming from your country, we will contact you to check possible changes to your booking or the possibility of a reimbursement in compliance with the provisions of the Decree-Law no. 9 of March 2, 2020. To monitor the possibility to travel abroad for Italian travelers, we follow the information coming from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Italy. For information updated in real time, visit the website www.viaggiaresicuri.it 

I have booked a holiday, there are no objective problems, but in this situation I don’t feel like leaving. What could I do?
It is normal to have some concerns in these days, but we advise calm: for the moment the conditions you have signed in the booking phase are still valid. If your destination has not issued particular restrictions or entrance blocks, you can always exercise the right of withdrawal, but the cancellation will be subject to the penalties stipulated in the contract. 

I have to pay for my booking but, given the uncertainty about the situation, I would prefer to wait. Can I do that?
If your destination has not issued an entrance block for travelers coming from your country, you can regularly proceed with the payment within 30 days from the date of departure. Your holiday is confirmed only when your booking is finalized or rather paid within the times and conditions stipulated in the contract. In case some restrictions are issued after that, we will contact you to find the best alternative solution together. 

We thank you for the collaboration and invite you to follow the directives of the government, maintaining a positive and optimistic point of view: the situation is in constant evolution but together we will find the best solution to let you leave for the holiday you have been dreaming of!

We stay at your disposal for any information through our channels +39.0418627010 /  info@beblue.it  / Social & Chat.

Thank you and good wind to all of us.
The BeBlue Staff

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