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2. February, 2022
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In collaboration with the insurance company Unipolsai Assicurazioni S.p.A., and in accordance with article no. 50 of the Italian Code of Turism (decree-law no. 79 of 23/05/2011), BeBlue has stipulated the professional civil responsibility policy no. 149357784 for a maximum coverage of € 2,065,000.00, with a specific integration for the civil and penal responsibility Professional Indemnity Insurance of the boat charter company. Moreover, it protects its travelers also in case of insolvency or bankruptcy of the Tour Operator, in accordance with the decree-law no. 62 of 21/05/2018 and the EU directive 2015/2302, by adhering to the guarantee fund of IL SALVAGENTE s.c..

To protect its travelers even more, BeBlue S.r.l. has stipulated the best insurance covers for your holidays all over the world, in partnership with Nobis Group and AXA Assistance. When the policy is inclusive, the travelers can benefit from the insurance services starting from the date of confirmation of the booking with BeBlue.

The AXA Assistance policies can be signed only by travelers who are resident in Italy and have an Italian tax code; those of Nobis Group, instead, are for all travelers who are resident in Italy and Europe.

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AXA basic insurance: Health assistance (Covid-19 excluded), medical expenses and luggage security

The AXA “basic” insurance is a group policy, included in the price of the tourist package. It can be activated only by travelers who are resident in Italy and have an Italian tax code. It is studied to offer the adequate covers depending on the destination of the trip. Assistance during the trip is guaranteed 24h by the operations center for: medical telephone consultation, call of a doctor or ambulance in case of emergency, return for health reasons and/or prolongation of the stay (Covid-19 excluded), shipment of urgent medicines, etc.

Maximal coverage:

  • for reimbursement of health and hospitalization expenses during the trip (Covid-19 excluded): Italy € 1,000.00 – Europe € 10,000.00 – Worldwide € 30,000.00.
  • for reimbursement of material and direct damages from theft, fire, robbery, mugging, breakages, damages and failed delivery of personal luggage by the air carrier: Italy € 500.00 – Europe € 750.00 – Worldwide € 1,000.00.


It is possible to read the complete excerpt of the policy by clicking here:


Nobis Multi-Risk insurance: health, all-risks cancellation and Covid-19

The Multi-Risk Travel Insurance comes from the expertise of Nobis Group and offers a complete insurance package to travel with no worries at all. The policy is available during the booking process for all travelers who are resident in Italy and in Europe, it is activated upon receipt of the deposit, guarantees the whole amount of the purchased tourist package and is valid for all the travelers indicated in the booking confirmation. 

The insurance guarantees are the following:

  • Assistance during the trip and reimbursement of medical expenses
  • Allowance for trip interruption due to injury, illness or quarantiNE
  • Trip cancellation All Risk (included Covid-19)
  • Daily allowance for hospitalization or hotel stay due to Covid-19 infection
  • Loss and theft of luggage
  • Civil responsibility of the passenger
  • Delay in the handover of the boat (beyond 24h)


The insurance cost amounts to 6% of the value of the trip, with a variable allowance depending on the accident, from a minimum of € 50 to a maximum of 20% of the value of the trip. There is no allowance for cancellation because of death, hospitalization or infection due to Covid-19.


 It is possible to read the complete excerpt of the policy by clicking here:


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The description of the insurance products listed here are in Italian. Upon stipulation of the insurance policies and also in the event of an accident, the languages of the procedure for all communications with European Insurance & Services can be either Italian or English.

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