Tall Ships

Tall Ships

Elegant tall ships equipped with every comfort and the most advanced navigation systems. Ideal for a cruise dedicated to adventure, relaxation and the tradition of sailing, with top-quality service on board, comfort and accommodation of the same standard as modern yachts. Able to accommodate from 140 to 220 passengers in a unique style.

A unique experience: watch the slow sun fall on the horizon while the seagulls are still circling in the sky.

Sail the Mediterranean, the Caribbean Sea, Southeast Asia and the Panama Canal aboard the Royal Clipper, Star Flyer and Flying Clipper.

Sailing ship cruise: Greece LUXURY

Sailing ship cruise: Greece


Set off on an adventure on this magnificent and luxurious sailing ship, riding on the waves, surrounded by comfort and...

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Price per person from 2.100,00 €
Sailing ship cruise: Southern Italy LUXURY

Sailing ship cruise: Southern Italy


Sail to discover southern Italy, between Sicily and the Amalfi Coast, aboard a magnificent and luxurious sailing ship equipped with...

Price per person from 2.100,00 €

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