Yacht Charter Destinations

Yacht Charter Destinations

Yacht Charter Croatia 4530 Boats


Croatia for BeBlue is almost like a second home, we really know it like the back of our hands, from the most secret bay of the Kornati National Park to...

Yacht Charter Italy 1543 Boats


Almost 7,500 kilometers of coastline for navigation and, this must be said, we from BeBlue play at home! Italy is a wonderful land rich in history and cities of art...

Yacht Charter Spain, Balearic and Canaries 619 Boats

Spain, Balearic and Canaries

Let BeBlue experts advise you on the best boat to navigate along the almost 5,000 kilometers of Spanish coastline! Find the boat that best suits your needs to have fun...

Yacht Charter Greece 3856 Boats


If you need some good reasons to choose a holiday in Greece, BeBlue can give you 3,000, like the islands composing its 7 archipelagos. They are gems nestled in a...

Yacht Charter Caribbean 432 Boats


This island of the Lesser Antilles, located in the Caribbean Sea between the Tropic of Cancer and the equator, is a perfect starting point to sail to the Caribbean islands...

Yacht Charter Seychelles 164 Boats


Spread like jewels in the velvety Indian Ocean, the Seychelles remain one of the best destinations for sailing vacations. From the sparkling coral atolls to the granitic islands, passing through...

Yacht Charter Thailand 108 Boats


A wide choice of the best catamarans and monohulls to discover exotic Thailand: the experts from BeBlue will advise you on the best routes to explore every island in the...

Yacht Charter French Polynesia 62 Boats

French Polynesia

Jagged volcanic peaks with a luxuriant vegetation and breathtaking waterfalls, crystal water lagoon and the motu with white sand beaches will be the landscape of dream cruise: welcome to Polynesia! 

Yacht Charter Maldives 11 Boats


Soft beaches of white sand, green coconut palms overlooking a transparent sea and uncontaminated coral reefs are waiting for you. A paradise to explore thanks to the experience of BeBlue,...

Yacht Charter Turkey 901 Boats


The Turkish coastline is synonymous with turquoise sea, sun and blue sky: a land rich in culture and archaeological finds. The coasts offer glimpses of poetic beauty and one of...

Yacht Charter Malta 22 Boats


Malta, Gozo and Comino will be a very nice discovery for your next sailing holiday! The fascination of Malta combines beaches and coves, reachable only by sea, with a characteristic...

Yacht Charter Montenegro 45 Boats


Montenegro is a little jewel located in the heart of the Balkans, a few kilometers south of Croatia, with which it shares the fascination of its rocky coastline, the mountains...

Yacht Charter Cuba 46 Boats


Discover this Caribbean island from a particular perspective, Cuba or better Cayo Largo the small island off the southern coast with all the cayos sourrended by the crystal blue sea:...

Yacht Charter Bahamas 132 Boats


Bahamas: islands that can be well admired only with a boat or catamaran, but always sailing, to fully enjoy the view and its tranquillity. In these islands the beaches are...

Yacht Charter British Virgin Islands 464 Boats

British Virgin Islands

A great classic for your holidays on a catamaran or sailboat in the Caribbean: more than 60 islands composing the archipelago of the British Virgin Islands, surrounded by majestic and...

Yacht Charter Norway 29 Boats


An adventorous holiday to discover the magic of the North! On accurately selected boats, fully equipped and provided with a heating system, you will sail among the most beautiful Norwegian...

Yacht Charter Portugal 32 Boats


Clear your moorings to discover Portugal on a sailboat, leaving from Portimao to explore Algarve, the southernmost region of the country overlooking the Atlantic Ocean, which will amaze you with...

Yacht Charter France 384 Boats


Set sail and explore the Mediterranean coasts and their most chic and trendy locations, or wild Corsica; the coasts on the Atlantic Ocean and on the English Channel are also...

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