Touch the Navigational Chart

There are no seas we don't know in person

As BeBlue experts, we can advise you on the best itineraries for the many destinations of the holiday tours we organize for our guests.

Touch the Navigational Chart

We sail with our skippers to get to know first-hand the best beaches, the coves and bays with the most transparent water, and the places where to snorkel and relax on our boats.

From the Pacific Ocean, passing through the Panama Canal and sailing on our catamarans, carried by trade winds, between a coral reef and another in the Caribbean, crossing the Atlantic up to the Canary Islands or wandering around the Mediterranean: from the Alboran Sea up to Crete and Turkey, we will find the itinerary that best suits you according to your needs!

But that's not all...

...once crossed the Suez Canal, we will take you to the Indian Ocean, too, to make you discover the most beautiful archipelagos of this warm ocean, from the Seychelles to the Maldives, up to the paradise of the Similan Islands in Thailand, across the Andaman Sea. There are no seas we don't know in person...

BeBlue is here to advise you at best on your destination for your next holiday, you only have to touch the navigational chart and give up on your moorings!

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Sail around the world


Italy 74 Tours


Almost 7,500 kilometers of coastline for navigation and, this must be said, we from BeBlue play at home! Italy is a wonderful land rich in history and cities of art...

Croatia 37 Tours


Croatia for BeBlue is almost like a second home, we really know it like the back of our hands, from the most secret bay of the Kornati National Park to...

Greece 37 Tours


If you need some good reasons to choose a holiday in Greece, BeBlue can give you 3,000, like the islands composing its 7 archipelagos. They are gems nestled in a...

Maldives and Indian Ocean 13 Tours

Maldives and Indian Ocean

When you think of the ocean, the first words that come to mind are for sure magnitude, calm, relax, but also fun and the natural spectacle that any place overlooking...

Caribbean 30 Tours


Ready to set sail for an unforgettable trip? Sail in the archipelago of our holiday proposals in the Caribbean! You can choose a single boarding on one of our beautiful...

Seychelles 7 Tours


Each of us dreams about living a dreamy catamaran cruise in the white sand and crystal-clear water: Seychelles archipelago with white sand, coconut palms over the sea and uncontaminated coral reefs....

Spain, Balearic and Canary 14 Tours

Spain, Balearic and Canary

The finest sand, transparent waters and wild and uncontaminated nature are waiting for you for the BeBlue tours in Spain, to discover the archipelago of the Balearic Islands. Travel alone...

Turkey 8 Tours


The Turkish coastline is synonymous with turquoise sea, sun and blue sky: a land rich in culture and archaeological finds. You will have the possibility to visit this wonderful region,...

Malta 7 Tours


Malta, Gozo and Comino will be a very nice discovery for your next sailing holiday! The fascination of Malta combines beaches and coves, reachable only by sea, with a characteristic...

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