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1. How to choose your holiday

Differences between Rental, Flotilla and Sailing Cruise View MoreLess

RENT: BeBlue has a vast catalog of vessels that have been selected all around the world. As for a car, it is possible to rent one of the boats for a given period and use it as one wishes. The only fundamental requirement for renting a boat without Skipper is a valid boat license.
The rental boats proposed by BeBlue are equipped with tender, outboard boat, and all you need for a safe and comfortable navigation. Upon request, it is possible to receive a detailed suggested itinerary free of charge.

FLOTILLA: A flotilla is a group of boats that travel together, following the same itinerary and sharing timetable and activities. The boats of the BeBlue flotillas are managed by expert Skippers, trained and organized according to a continuous training program to guarantee safety, speed of maneuver and fun. Our flotillas are often characterized by a "style" described in detail on the holiday page, to guarantee you a program and an environment ideal for your needs.
We invite you to try out this formula with BeBlue, we tested it personally and it is an inherent part of our tour operator.
* it is possible to take part in the BeBlue flotillas with a rented boat. Please ask for more information.

SAILING CRUISES: Come on board, make yourself comfortable, and enjoy your holiday. A sailing cruise is an organized tour where you don't need to think about anything. The vessels proposed in this section have a Captain and professional crew for an experience of total relax and comfort. The Cruise follows an itinerary studied in minute detail, coming from many years of experience in the navigation area of interest. The range of sailing cruises proposed on beblue.com includes sailing boats as well as Luxury Yachts complete with every service.

Yachts with crew View MoreLess

A professional crew at your service to take care of every detail of your vacation on board of prestigious sailing or motor yachts, carefully selected by BeBlue among the best Charter Companies in the world. Choose your destination among the most beautiful places in the world, find the yacht that is right for you and let the crew take care of all the rest.

Gulet cruise View MoreLess

The gulet, luxury and comfortable boats inspired from the ancient Turkish cargo ships, are used especially for navigation in the Mediterranean Sea, and represent the emblem of comfort and relax.

Depending on the type of holiday, you can choose whether to rent the entire boat exclusively or go for the option "cabin charter": the captain and the personnel on board will welcome you and take care of every detail of your vacation.

Houseboat and inland navigation View MoreLess

A wonderful opportunity to discover Italian and European hamlets and cities by river and canal navigation, on board of comfortable and luxury boats, equipped with all comforts and suitable for every need. The houseboat is flat-bottomed and extremely easy to drive, as if it was a car, therefore one doesn't need a navigation license or any previous experience, and you will be able to steer it by yourself. A rapid course when taking delivery, and you will be ready to set sail with your family or friends, deciding in each moment the rhythm of your holiday.

2. Tour: cabin charter cruise

Categories of boats: Basic, Premium, Premium plus, Catamarans and Luxury View MoreLess

BeBlue chooses very carefully the boats for its flotillas, thanks to a strict collaboration with the best international charters. The prices vary according to the dimensions of the boat. The bigger the boat, the higher the number of cabins and bathrooms you will find on board. As an example, a 43 feet boat has 3 cabins and 1 or 2 bathrooms; boats beyond 48 feet and catamarans usually have 4-5 cabins with 2 or 4 bathrooms.

  • Class Basic: sailboat from 32 to 55 ft
  • Class Premium: sailboat length  max 46 ft / 14 mt
  • Class Premium Plus: sailboat length more than 46 ft / 14 mt
  • Class Catamaran: sailing catamarans
  • Class Luxury: luxury sailboat or catamarans

See details about BeBlue class

BeBlue carefully selects sailing yachts and catamarans for its tours; we study models and shipyards while keeping abreast of innovations in design and layout. We will ensure that your cruise becomes an unforgettable holiday.

For all our proposals we have an eye for space and interior configurations, choosing the boats and catamarans best suited to the navigation that will be undertaken. 


Class: Basic

 comfort : ⭐⭐⭐
Type: monohulls from 32 to 55 feet 
Particulars: 'entry level' category sailing yachts mainly dedicated to tours of a few days or in the economy bracket.

Boat type: Bavaria 40 cruiser, Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 45,  

Class: Premium

Comfort level: ⭐⭐⭐
Type: monohulls up to 46 feet / 14 metres in length 
Detail: sailboats dedicated to comfortable and enjoyable cruising. Excellent interior and exterior spaces are the prerogative in the selection of these boats.

Boat type: Bavaria 46, Oceanis 45, Sun Odyssey 440


Class: Premium Plus

Comfort level: ⭐⭐⭐⭐
Type: monohulls over 46 feet / 14 metres in length 
Detail: sailing yachts with a superior level of comfort. Length over 46 feet for greater outdoor space with ample sundecks and increasingly comfortable common areas.

Boat type: Bavaria 56, Jeanneau 54 DS, Oceanis 48, Kufner 54.4


Class: Catamaran

Comfort level: ⭐⭐⭐⭐
Type: sailing multihull class
Detail: spacious double cabins, dinette and cockpit on the same level, large sundecks on the bow nets. The catamaran is increasingly becoming the ideal boat for cruising in comfort.

Boat types: Lagoon 39, Lagoon 42, Fontaine Pajot Lucia 40, Bali 4.1 

Class: Luxury

Comfort level: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Type: high level monohulls and catamarans 
Detail: sailboats and catamarans with Luxury level finishes, fittings and crew. Large outdoor and indoor spaces, cabins with private bathrooms and certified quality.

Boat type: Solaris 52, CNB Bordeaux 60, Grand Soleil 56 


Class: Gulet

Comfort level: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Type: motorsailer with classic lines
Detail: comfortable monohulls armed with auxiliary sails. The gulet offers a high level of on-board comfort thanks to the large interior and exterior spaces and the on-board service guaranteed by a permanent and experienced crew. 

More details: Gulet tours, Rent a gulet

Noleggia un caicco




Class: Sailing and sailing ships

Comfort level: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Typology: Tall ship - Sailing ship  
Detail: majestic sailing ships that combine all the comforts of a resort with those of a luxury yacht. Available in the Mediterranean, Caribbean Sea and South East Asia.

More details: Sailing ships

Navi a vela



Tour: Single boat cabin charter View MoreLess

If you don't have a complete crew, you can easily leave for your holidays alone, as a couple or with all the friends you want, choosing the type of holiday you prefer and finding your place on boats with crews of 6 up to 10 people. We will add you in a group that best suits you, taking into account the age of participants and trying to maintain a balance between the number of men and women on board.

We invite you to participate in the events we organize ashore and to follow us on Facebook to meet your future travel companions!

3. Flotillas

Tour: Cabin charter in flotilla View MoreLess

Would you like to experience sailing while having fun and making new friends? A holiday in flotilla is the one for you. From 3 up to 15 boats (depending on the type of flotilla) sailing together and mooring close to each other in the evening, creating a true floating island where you can chat and relax with your neighbours or organize aperitifs and real events on the water with music, lights and theme parties.

4. Rent a boat

Rental with or without skipper, also in flotilla View MoreLess

If you are already an expert and you have a nautical license and a complete crew, you can choose the option “bareboat”, which means you can rent a boat without skipper. You will only have to select the sailing boat or the catamaran you prefer, and navigate wherever you like. Our office staff is at your disposal to help you with the selection and reservation of the boat that best suits your needs.

If, on the other hand, you like the idea of flotilla sailing, you can choose the option "guestboat" and rent a boat with your crew without skipper, joining the other boats under the guidance of one of our Head Skippers. In this way, you can benefit from all the services and technical assistance of our flotillas.

Upon request, for both cases it is possible to activate the option "rental with skipper", who will safely take care of the navigation for you, as well as other optional services (e.g. hostess, chef, etc.).

Rental with and without skipper View MoreLess

In the section "Rent a boat", you can find the right boat for you, with or without crew, all year round and in every sea of the world. You can explore thousands of proposals, boat types and services. Our office staff is always at your disposal for advice and assistance during the reservation process, taking care as well of all the logistical management, from flight, train and ferry reservation to hotel accommodation and land excursions. BeBlue can offer you a vast selection of services and additional comforts that will make every moment of your holiday unforgettable.

Place a finger on the world map and tell us about your desires, we are ready to set sail towards your dreams...

5. First experience?

First time on a sailboat? View MoreLess

Things on a sailboat have names that initially seem strange; actually, they talk about things that you know well, in a nautical way. In fact, inside each boat, depending on its dimensions, there is a common area with a dinette (couch with table) where you can eat and relax, an equipped kitchen (yes, also with oven and fridge), comfortable cabins, i.e. rooms with one or more beds (double or bunk) and one or more bathrooms with toilet, sink and shower.

Outside, on the stern of the boat, you find the cockpit, i.e. the area with fixed benches and expandable table where the guests and the crew meet to eat, relax and sunbathe.

For any need, the skipper will always do his best to advise and help you.

It will immediately feel like home!

Seasickness? View MoreLess

During our cruises, we mainly travel in protected waters near the coast, therefore the rolling of the boat is minimal and the inconvenience of seasickness will be only a distant horizon. In case you suffer from seasickness, there is nothing to worry about; it is a temporary bother and, in the end, it is part of the magic sailing game. Just in case, bring an antihistamine or an antinausea medication.

If you have chosen one of our flotilla holidays, you can also ask our team, who will promptly respond to all your needs.

Sailing experience View MoreLess

To join one of our BeBlue holidays, you don’t need any previous nautical experience; our skippers will handle the boat in complete autonomy.

If you would like to be part of the crew, collaborating in the maneuvers or learning something new about sailing, the skipper will be happy to explain anything you wish to know.

What do I need to bring? View MoreLess

Start packing and you will feel as you're already on holiday. Here is how you can structure the perfect luggage, as a real sailor. First, choose a soft bag that you can fold and easily stow (trolleys and rigid suitcases are banned). Take only the necessary things with you: a good number of bathing suits, t-shirts and shorts, underwear, a pair of trousers and a sweatshirt or a light jacket to use in the evening. Flip-flops or beach shoes for walking on the beach and a pair of sneakers with white sole to move around safely on board (heels and shoes with hard soles banned).

And obviously, don't forget a cap, sunglasses, beach towel and suitable sun protection. The boat and the sunlight reflection on water give a very intense tan.

What is a typical day like? View MoreLess

Every day the boat will present you with new landscapes and emotions. We leave after breakfast around 9.30 am, sailing until we anchor in a bay for lunch. In the afternoon, you can relax while diving, bathing or going on little excursions ashore. We set sail in the late afternoon to our evening destination where, depending on the type of holiday, we moor in a port or anchor in a bay in a group of boats (see the section "Flotilla"). There we will relax in good company or organize nice aperitifs and beach parties.

What happens if the weather is bad? View MoreLess

The weather is as changeable as the wind, but there is nothing to worry about, the sea and the boat offer a thousand possibilities. In case of bad weather conditions, we always have one or more alternatives, from a change of the whole itinerary to the organization of land excursions. Your holiday time is precious and we won't make you waste a single minute!

6. Before leaving

Suitable clothing for summer View MoreLess

In a flexible bag easy to load on board, bring comfortable and practical clothing: a pair of sneakers with white sole (not the ones you use daily), a pair of long and one of short trousers, spare t-shirts, sweater, windproof or light jacket, sailing gloves, underwear, swimming suit, hand towel and flip flops for the shower. Don’t forget a cap, sunglasses and a solar cream.

Suitable clothing for winter View MoreLess

In a soft bag that can be easily stored on board, put practical and comfortable clothing: a pair of sneakers with white sole (not the ones for daily use), rubber boots in case it rains, trousers, sweater or pile jumper and thermal underwear, k-way or full body raincoat, sailing gloves, personal linen, towel and shower slippers. Don't forget a wool hat, sunglasses plus sunscreen products appropriate for the season and, if you sleep on board, sleeping bag and pillowcase.

7. Life on board

Provisions View MoreLess

With provisions, we mean the reserves of food and beverages to be consumed on board. These are usually purchased by the guests on the day of departure, and agreed upon with respect to the taste and needs of each participant. We suggest to collect the money in order to have a petty cash to be used by the guests (ca. 15/20 euro per person per day) to buy food and beverages for the trip before leaving and additional small provisions if you go ashore during the trip.

Kindness and hospitality View MoreLess

The boat will be your home for the entire holiday period, which you will spend with people you know or with new friends you will meet on board. It is not a hotel and all the guests should contribute to keep the common spaces in order and take part in the moments when the guests collaborate as a group: from the choice of the bay for a swim to the peparations of meals and snacks for everybody. It will be as being at home with your friends!

Water precious resource View MoreLess

On every boat, fresh water is not unlimited and is a precious resource, so it has to be used sparingly, for example remembering not to leave the tap open when you wash your teeth or while washing the dishes. With special marine soaps, natural and ecological, you can wash yourself with seawater: taking a shower in the sea at sunset is one of the most amusing and seafaring moments of the day!

Toilets View MoreLess

Contrary to what you may think, a boat toilet is super easy to use! It has a drainage system with manual (or electric) pump that takes the water from the sea and then drains it outside. The water pipes are small and equipped with appropriate filters; hence, it is essential not to throw toilet paper and objects of any kind in the toilet to avoid obstructing it.

Electricity and smartphones View MoreLess

You will be able to power your phone and all electric devices with a normal socket when the boat is moored at a port and connected to the power grid. During navigation, instead, electricity is provided by on-board batteries (as in a car), generating a 12-volt current. Bring with you a cigarette lighter adapter and leave the hairdryer at home: sun and wind will take care of your hair.

On many boats, it is also possible to find a Wi-Fi system with which you can connect to the internet. We mostly travel near the coast so that you can easily connect through your smartphone by activating your data connection.

When we are in the open sea, internet is not always available, which is a good occasion for enjoying your sailing experience and the contact with nature to the fullest… this is also an important aspect of the holiday.

Smokers on board View MoreLess

Smoking is allowed only on the external areas of the boats; the skipper will indicate where it is possible to do it safely and without disturbing other guests who don’t smoke. It is strictly forbidden to throw butts and filters into the water: when boarding, you will get a hermetic ashtray free of charge, washable and reusable, to guarantee respect for the environment and your total freedom.

Sailing school and training

Choosing the right course View MoreLess

The BeBlue sailing courses are held on small and medium boats and provide for three levels of training: Be Sailor 1 for those approaching the world of sailing for the first time, Be Sailor 2 an intermediate course to improve one's skills and learn to cover different roles on board, and Be Sailor 3 a more advanced course to improve boat sailing and sail trim. Each level corresponds to a different degree of autonomy, and it is often necessary (and suggested) to follow more than one course of the same level for advancing in skill and thus pass to the next level.

If you are not sure of what course to take, we suggest you to choose the lower level, so that you will be able to fully benefit from the course and plug eventual gaps in case you haven't developed all the necessary competencies.

When we talk about sailing and life on board, experience is always an essential and fundamental point. We advise you to intensify your training even by repeating courses of the same level until you have fully reached the objectives of each course, and also to consider more specific courses (in classroom and on board), like the advanced training courses BeSkipper: moorings and anchorages, emergencies and possible damages, engine, on-board electronic, offshore sailing, etc. Talk to your BeBlue Tutor for the best possible advice.

Course duration View MoreLess

The course normally lasts for one or more weekends. Where contemplated, you can arrive at the boarding location already on Friday evening and sleep on board. The course starts on Saturday morning at 9.00 and ends on Sunday by 6.00 pm. Offshore sailing courses last between 3 and 5 days. Check our proposed activities calendar in the section Advanced training/BeSkipper.

Locations View MoreLess

Liguria: Marina del Fezzano

Liguria: Marina di Lavagna

Veneto: Venezia, Marina S.Elena

Veneto: Caorle, Marina 4 di Porto Santa Margherita

Change of date View MoreLess

It usually doesn't happen, but in case of weather conditions that are not suitable for the execution of the course or the navigation, and in case of failure to reach the minimum number of participants, BeBlue, in collaboration with its Tutors, could postpone the course to the first available date. We will keep you promptly informed and contact you to arrange a new meeting date.

What's included and what's not View MoreLess

Included. The price of the course includes: use of the boat (fulfilling legal requirements and equipped for the course in question), skipper/instructor, learning material, accommodation in double cabin with overnight stay on board (bed linen excluded)

Excluded. The price of the course does not include:

  • travel expenses from and to the port of embarkation;
  • whip-round on board, amounting to a maximum of € 25,00 per person per day, to cover the current consumption of the crew (fuel included) and the necessary final cleaning;
  • deposit of € 200,00 per person, which will be fully reimbursed at the end of the trip (in the absence of damage);
  • food and beverages to be stored on board as well as expenses for possible moorings and ports that require payment, which will be shared among the members of the crew (skipper excluded);
  • where required, comfort pack of € 25,00 per person for bed sheets and linen;
  • all that is not expressly indicated in the section "Included".

Overnight stays on board View MoreLess

In the cruises that last longer than one day, where indicated, you can sleep directly on board the boat. Remember to bring a sleeping bag and a pillowcase; the boats are equipped with all comforts but there are no bed linens (ask to BeBlue office).

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