The pearls inside the Indian Ocean

Start the discovery in the Seychelles with BeBlue: the marvellous archipelago in the Equator line, set in the north east area of Madagascar and surrounded by the Indian ocean.

These islands were formed milions of years ago and now you have the opportunity to admire the amazing granitic rocks coming out from the sea like sculptures, shaped by erosion. 115 islands scattered all around the Indian Ocean are waiting for you to spend a marvellous holiday, ideal for every age and desires.

If you are in search of relax and adventure, this will be the perfect destination for you: marvellous beaches full of white and thin sand, surrounded by crystal clear water ideal for snorkeling, a dreamy nature and luxuriant fauna. 


The eco-friendly tourism is very heart-felt and there are a lot of marine parks and natural reservations full of flora and fauna species. You will also find botanical gardens collecting luxuriant vegetation between the different archipelagos.

The population is a mix of different cultures in every aspect of the life: art, cuisine, music, dance, local architecture; unmissable the visit of the colourful market in Victoria, where you will immerse yourself in the true soul of the Seychelles.

The Seychelles cuisine is a creole cuisine based on fish dishes, but also delicious crustaceans and seafood. This earthy paradise is an unmissable destination to be discovered by sailing cruise!

Our Highlights



Mahè is a magic island were you will experience the true spirit of the Seychelles: excursions and snorkeling discovering local flora and fauna, tranquillity and comfort for the tourists.

Victoria is the most little capital city in the world, characterized by a little harbour; the local market full of perfumes and colours is the ideal place to get in touch with the local inhabitants, like the colourful Indù temple.

It is impossible not to fall in love with Praslin, thanks to white beaches and crystal clear water, a earthy paradise for snorkelling lovers. Known as the 'Coco de Mer Island', a typic local big fruit, offers you numerous excursions in the hinterland.  There are numerous breathtaking beaches, like the one in Anse Lazio


Anse Cocos is one of the most beautiful beaches in the Seychelles: you will have to force yourself to this effort a little before reaching it, half an hour walking inside nature, but every sacrifice will be immediately from the breath-taking view of this little earthy paradise. White beach, crystal clear water, rocky shapes all around the bay, luxuriant flora where to relax after a swim.

Beau Vallon is another paradisical corner near the capital city Victoria, very appreciate from the local population. Also here the beauty is characterized by the beaches and burning sunsets. The area is a tourist attraction full of every comfort you need, for example restaurants, bars and little shops, but also a lot of areas where to relax yourself. 


Travelling along the Sans Souci Road it is possible to reach the Morne National park, set in a jagged coastline from where you could have a marvellous Seaview, surrounded by wild nature; another unique experience is the one offered by the visit to the tea plantation in the little hamlet of Port Launay, a way also the help the local artisans.

The Coral Atol of Aldabra, with the giant tortoises and an ecosystem protected by UNESCO, is characterized by numerous little islands and it is the biggest atoll in the world. This place is also a Natural Reservation for the preservation of local flora and fauna, in the past they were used to attract a higher number of tourists. Tortoises and turtles put down their eggs, while it isn’t so rare to find coco’s crabs on the beach.

The Natural Reservation in Curieuse, the turtles’ island, hosts more than 200 turtles of 8 different species: you will find them walking around the beach or through the mangrove forest. 


Sainte Anne Marine Park is a marine park that also the namesake St. Anne Island and other marine atolls, some well-preserved areas of the Coral Reef. Actually, the park is protected by some strictly rules about the eco-friendly tourism, in fact the aim is to recover some damaged natural heritage. The region is divided in two zones, each one is devoted to different activities, like scuba diving, snorkelling and birdwatching.

Vallée de Mai is a UNESCO site, the ideal place to immerse yourself in coco de mer beaches. It depicts a natural reservation inside on od the eldest woods of the Seychelles, with a luxuriant flora and a various fauna; it is also possible to venture yourself in some little caves and waterfalls. 


Silhouette Island is a true earthy uncontaminated heaven, also if it is the third biggest island of the Archipelago but it isn’t so famous between the crowded tourism. The place here seems to be rest in the past time: local inhabitants are not so much, there aren’t any big commercial edifices. It is a little place where to enjoy peace and tranquillity.

La Digue is a tranquillity oasis, where it is possible to visit some coconut or vanilla plantations or lose yourself in the routes around the jungle. The little helmet and the welcoming inhabitants will give you a unique experience of the local lifestyle; fishermen will offer you fresh fish, the little artisans shops set in the little streets, silence and tranquillity of the nights spent on the beach but always the welcoming spirit of the local inhabitants, children in particular.


The little islet of Bird Island is famous for the variety of birds that you could find here. Today it is an oasis immersed in the silence, far from tourism, where it is possible to relax yourself surrounded just by wild nature. This island is also home for the eldest turtle in the Seychelles, Esmeralda! Anse Major, a desert beach reachable only crossing the Danzin path, it is totally immersed in the uncontaminated vegetation.

Anse Severe faces out to Praslin, not so known from tourists, so it is one of the ideal destinations where to relax, observing the hundred shades of turquoise water and the breath-taking white sand. Cerf Island, near Mahè, arise in an optimal position, inhabited only by 40 people, working for tourism. There are numerous desert places where to spend the day sunbathing, far from crowded cities. Also the jungle has some power here, with two routes for the ones who want to venture themselves during holiday. The remote Desroches, with a desert beach around the contour, is a private island set on a hill.  

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Eden Island Marina
Main base


Mahé is the biggest island in the Seychelles archipelago, located in the Indian Ocean. The entire archipelago is characterised by white sand beaches and granitic elevations, covered by rainy forest.




Beau Vallon beach, Anse Royal, Seychell mountain, Mont Blanc, Portglaud waterfalls.


The Seychelles archipelago is characterized by tropical weather, sunny during the whole year. From December to March the season is rainy and sultry, while from June to September the season is dry with some fresh air. The maximum temperature during the day is 32°C and the minimum is 20°C during the night.


By plane: It is possible to reach Seychelles flying to the International Seychelles Airport (SEZ)


This is an example of a sailing route as suggested by BeBlue’s most expert skippers of this area. The itinerary can be modified based on crew’s specific request before sailing or during the cruise.

Day 1: Check-in

Check-in at 4 pm at Marina of departure.

Once done with the check-in procedures and the shopping for the trip (food and beverage) you can leave the Marina for a short sailing towards the Marine Park of St. Anne: a protected place populated by more than 150 fish species, in a fascinating underwater world all worth discovering. We will anchor in heaven, and you will be able to swim and snorkel into an uncontaminated nature, with dolphins and marine turtles.

Day 2

In the morning, we continue our trip heading for Praslin, the second biggest island in the Seychelles, where you can visit Vallèe de Mai with its many coconut palms typical of the island: the sound of the wind among the leaves is a unique experience… In the afternoon, we will move to the north of Praslin, where you can relax on one of the most beautiful beaches in the world: Anse Lazio.

Day 3

We leave early in the morning to reach la Digue after a short navigation. This place looks like something out of a storybook, with its beaches of fine white sand and the majestic black granite boulders, and you will have the possibility to go around this car-free island by bike. You can also visit the coconut grove, the giant turtles’ farms and the picturesque "Source d'Argent" beach. Naturally, there will also be time for relaxing and swimming in front of a wonderful beach, before having dinner under the stars…

Day 4

Today we will stop in the sanctuary of snorkeling lovers: Coco! A little islet that reminds of a pirate hideout, with granitic rocks, little beaches surrounded by palms, and crystal clear water. In the afternoon, we move to Curieuse, a little islet north of Praslin, for a relaxing day dedicated to the discovery of this small corner of the world inhabited by huge tortoises...

Day 5

After breakfast, we set sail in the direction of St. Pierre, a little rocky island in front of Praslin: ideal location for snorkeling, swimming and having fun with kayaks. At night we will anchor in front of Praslin for a dinner under the sky full of stars...

Day 6

The island of Cousin, almost circular, is a paradise safeguarded by WWF from 1968 for its birds, and you will have the possibility to closely observe many rare species perched on the coconut trees; five of them are present only in the Seychelles. After this naturalist visit, the catamaran will head for Praslin, Anse Lazio where you can spend an afternoon full of fun!

Day 7

In the  morning, we will visit the most beautiful and picturesque as beach of Anse Lazio before start fishing to Aride. We will heading for Curiouse Island in the evening for our final dinner of fresh fish! We will spend the last night of this cruise at anchor, enjoying the silence and the stars of the Indian Ocean... 

Day 8: Check-out

Disembarkation will take place on Saturday morning by 8:30 am in Praslin. The ferry to Mahè leave at 9am or 3 and 6 pm depends by the timetable of your flight.

The itinerary might be subject to variations due to weather conditions, safety and technical evaluations of the Skipper of the boat. This programming is intended as indicative and non-binding.

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