Luxury Yacht

Luxury Yacht

All the luxury and comfort you could want with a professional crew at your service that will take care of your holiday in every detail. Explore BeBlue’s exclusive selection of sailing boats, catamarans and large luxury yachts, with modern or classic lines, which you can rent exclusively for your friends or family. Sumptuous environments, spacious cabins and many amenities and services await you that will ensure maximum relaxation on board and lots of fun on the water. You can go water skiing, jet skiing and kayaking, snorkeling equipment and everything you need to make your dream trip just perfect.

Mergui Archipelago, Myanmar 6 days LUXURY

Mergui Archipelago, Myanmar 6 days


Imagine super white beaches surrounded by a lush jungle of palm and fruit trees... Burma, Pony Island, Nyaung Wee island,...

Price per person from 2.450,00 €

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