Accurate weather forecast for nautical: Meteomed

Accurate weather forecast for nautical: Meteomed

12. October, 2021
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Meteomed for BeBlue

Meteomed is a company specializing since 2006 in forecasts and weather services for professional and recreational boating. In collaboration with 3BMeteo, it has developed an exclusive forecast model validated by professional meteorologists and dedicated to the analysis of the Mediterranean.

A staff of certified meteorologists to meet the different needs from the cruiser to the racer, with the aim not only to produce the best possible forecasts for the Mediterranean, but also to make them easily usable, anytime and anywhere. Through the Meteomed multi-channel platform, sailors are able to receive information without technological barrier, choosing the mode they prefer: web, mobile, phone, SMS, email. All this with a 10-day time horizon, hourly detail and with precision up to 2.5 miles. To provide "tailored" weather support, we have finally developed personalized consulting services in Italian and English.

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