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30. November, 2022
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The best insurance cover for your holidays around the world:

In partnership with EIS European Insurance & Services, BeBlue has selected a range of insurance services capable to meet any needs and make your holiday totally worry-free. 

Have you found the perfect boat for your holidays with your family or friends and would like to protect the deposit you paid or get your money back in case of cancellation? Are you a skipper, professional or non-professional, and you want to protect yourself in case of gross negligence or claims by the guests or the charter company? Through the following links, you can get a quote and purchase the insurance policy at the best conditions and in complete autonomy.

For Italian travelers who booked a holiday or a charter with BeBlue, it is also possible to activate specific travel insurances for health protection or trip cancellation upon request, enjoying the benefits of our partnership with AXA Assistance: just contact us for a customized quote.

1. Civil Liability Insurance extended to private skippers

Subsidiary civil liability insurance valid for one year and up to 6 weeks of charter all over the world, protecting the skipper in case of damages to the boat and the guests due to serious negligence. Specifically, it covers:

Moreover, the insurance cover extends to the civil responsibility for the towing of water skiers and the use of tenders with engines of up to 20 hp.


The insurance does not cover Italian, Canadian and US clients.

2. Civil Liability Insurance extended to private and professional skippers

A professional skipper is any skipper who receives a compensation for his work, as driver of a yacht of up to 100 tons, with engine of up to 750 hp and/or sail area of up to 150 sqm, irrespective of his qualification or driving licence as long as it is suitable for the type of boat and navigation area.

The subsidiary civil liability insurance for private or professional skippers is valid for one year and offers a total civil liability coverage from 3 to 6 million Euro for damages to things and persons and an additional coverage of 100,000 Euro for financial losses. Specifically, it covers:


The insurance does not cover Italian, Canadian and US clients.

3. Security Deposit Insurance

Insurance that applies to charters all over the world and protects the boat security deposit in case of damages caused by the skipper or the guests. The guarantee of the insurance cover can apply for a period of up to 4 weeks of cruise or can cover one whole year: the premium varies from 7% to 15% of the deposit value, depending on the duration of the charter and on the insured amount, with a minimum starting at just 75 Euro.

With a small extra amount of 15%, calculated on the insurance premium, it is also possible to extend the protection of the security deposit and participate in regattas without any worry.

Deductibles in the event of an accident amount to:


4. Trip Cancellation Insurance

Insurance that covers the expenses for the cancellation of the trip or the interruption of the cruise by the skipper or any group member. If any, also travel expenses and accommodation before and after the cruise can be covered upon request. The insurance policy applies to trip cancellation due to injury, death or serious illness, intolerance to vaccines or pregnancy, as well as to unforeseen events such as thefts or domestic fires, job loss or start of a new job.
It can be activated within 14/21 days from the date of booking confirmation.

The insurance premium only corresponds to 4% of the total insured amount: a truly convenient way to safeguard your holiday in case of cancellation.


5. Insurance Package Skipper and Guests

An insurance package for a worry-free holiday that applies to cruises with duration up to 6 continuous weeks and safeguards the skipper and a group of maximum 9 persons. This policy must be stipulated within 21 days from receiving confirmation of the booking and, starting from 270 Euro, it offers insurance coverage for:

Moreover, it is possible to integrate the above-described insurance package by adding a health insurance and an insurance for travel-related accidents.


The insurance does not cover Italian, Canadian and US clients.

The descriptions of the insurance products listed herein have been translated into English and Italian from German. When taking out policies and also in the event of a claim, the procedural languages for all communication with European Insurance & Services shall be either English or German.

Texts, translations and images Copyright © BeBlue S.r.l. - Last update: 30/11/2022

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