Andaman Islands sailing

Andaman Islands sailing

12. October, 2021
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Punt your hand up if you've ever thought of sailing a sailboat to the Andaman, none or anything obvious, just because this destination is off the established radar of Western tours. And this is one of the main reasons why a trip like this is interesting, the charm of the discovery of a little-known country and basically even little visited. In this case we are talking about the Andaman Islands, one of the last archipelagos all to be explored and mostly not contaminated by mass tourism. This in itself is already a good reason to pack and discover one of the last natural outposts in the world, where origins, culture and landscapes are preserved.

This trip purports to show the best of these still virgin islands, where it is possible to find the ancient splendour of The Thousand-Year-Old Indian culture that still keeps alive more than ever. You will discover a part of the world that few people know, but that everyone would like to visit. The Andaman Islands are on the whole something that comes very close to Paradise, a perfect mix of sea, sky and land, where the sea is the spectacular beaches seem painted against a Hollywood backdrop!

The beauty of this incredible cruise

We immediately want to highlight that the cruise will be made aboard a luxurious Lagoon 500 catamaran, this means total comfort on board and on navigation. Just to give the sense of this boat, let's say it has a length of over 15 meters long and over 8 wide, equipped with 4 double cabins and 2 for the crew. In addition, there are 6 bathrooms, a large indoor lounge and an outdoor lounge, where from the latter you will have a privileged point of view to see the panorama while sailing. Each appliance is available, a "cambusa" or better kitchen equipped with oven, stove, fridge and microwave, equipment and full food.

It is therefore a catamaran that can guarantee maximum comfort and tranquility throughout the journey, which we remember starts in Thai waters and then arrives in the Andaman Islands. We start from Ranong in Thailand to Port Blair in India, on the greater andaman island, then from here we continue on a cruise to discover these incredibly beautiful and unique islands.

What should you expect from this trip?

It would be easier to say what you don't have to expect, but by summarizing you'll see some of the most beautiful beaches and coves in the world, visit rural villages, learn about local life and meet the elephants that help local people. You'll be able to swim in a crystal clear green/blue sea, admire a wide variety of colorful fish and lush wilderness. You'll travel in absolute comfort while enjoying your favorite cocktails on the catamaran deck, admiring the landscape that flows like in the movie, or you can do it in the bow lying on the solarium while admiring the view in front of you.

The semi-desert beaches will make you live unique moments, as if you were the first to set foot and discover them, a journey full of emotions that you will never forget, surely an out-of-the-box cruise that offers the best to see. For all the details of the trip and its itinerary, we recommend that you consult the dedicated page, for more information please contact us.

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