Apps to use by boat

Apps to use by boat

12. October, 2021
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Apps to use by boat

Apps have become parts of a "swiss knife" as our cellphone has become, in this way we have different gadgets to use by boat. Our inseparable smartphone that takes us everywhere has to do its part even when we're in the middle of the sea. In this case, the utility of some Apps can be essential, especially to know weather conditions for example. Ok, now let's imagine we have rented a sailboard for our holidays.  Collect your thoughts and let's choose which Apps we'll need during our trip. 


One of the Apps to install for sure is WindyTV, the name recalls already its purpose. In fact, it's about a good weather app, with lots of helpful information that concerns wind and weather of course. The desktop version is surely more practical, however also with your cellphone you can monitor the winds and the weather conditions in every geographic area. WindyTY for those who travel by boat is an instrument you can't miss out, few touches on the display and we can have all the infos on your palm. 


For experienced and future sailors the App Knots 3D has to be installed, really easy and fast it lists by category all the possible knots. Furthermore, it offers information about the possible uses, to stimolate even our fantasy. A pleasing initiative that can be useful in various occasions during the navigation and the boat's mooring. Knots 3D might not be essential, however knowing how to do a good knot can be very useful in a sailboat.


Spotify doesn't need many presentations, very used and known by now by everyone, in a sailboat there's no need to cover all the noises... Quite the opposite, it can make every moment of navigation magical maybe with a good background of our favourite music. Sporify can ensure happy hours of good music while we rule the sea and we admire its endless beauties.

Pretty and Useful:

It's called Star Chart, this App that to the most of you will be unknown,  actually it's used by over 30 million people. What does it do? It simply shows you the stars. It'll be like having in your pocket a map of the known planetary system, not bad. Star Chart will show you in real time the starts' position thanks to the GPS connection, that we could use to follow properly our route of travel. It shows on the display all the stars visible to us, offering a range of information, like the name, the position ecc...  

In conclusion

These Apps are the ones that shall never not be on the phone of the good modern sailor. From the indispensable one to the one that allows you to enjoy your trip with some mre stimulus . Music, stars, knots and weather will be part of the water crew, every App with a specific role. They'll enhance your permanence in the sea, besides making even more amazing those moments lived in the boat. Don't hesitate, Point the bow of your smartphone in dowload direction and download these applications future travel companions! 

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