Baja California, the sailing cruise between myth and nature

Baja California, the sailing cruise between myth and nature

12. October, 2021
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It's well to make a distinction, Baja California not that of Hollywood to understand us, but the extension of the same in Mexican territory. This region of Mexico begins just after the city of San Diego, the last of California's cities south of the state. Baja California is characterized by this peninsula that forms a gigantic gulf that exceeds 1000 km in length. In this wide but closed stretch of sea, you can see some of the most beautiful landscapes of Mexico. The Gulf of California is surrounded on both sides of the sea by a myriad of villages and dozens of islands, where there are several parks and reserves.

The sea is extraordinary, despite the proximity of the most industrialized California in the USA, this part of the Mexican territory is still very natural. Large and small countries are mirrored on the Gulf in a sea that leaves little doubt about its beauty. This cruise will reveal an incredible point of our Earth, where the creation was really bizarre giving us this wonder not to be missed. You arrive by plane and then board a beautiful sailboat, very comfortable and equipped all over the place, to set sail to discover this sea.

Departure from La Paz to the islands

It sails after the welcome and the Welcome Cocktail, a ritual that can not miss, in the direction of the islands of the archipelagos of the Sea of Cortez. It will be intense days and full of emotions and many things to do, the sea however will be the absolute protagonist of your holiday. The Baja California cruise will let you savor the adventure and taste of discovery, where you will see dozens of marine animals and dream beaches. This is the perfect holiday that puts everyone in agreement, those who love the sea, nature, history and discovery.

Get ready to swim in breathtaking waters in the company of sea breetaries and dolphins, you will see whales, giant mating and beautiful turtles. All this in one trip, days really full of emotions and spectacular images, sunsets and sunrises that will leave you breathless. If you have never taken a sailing cruise, this is the right opportunity to take on the fly, with the complicity of this sea you will become passionate about sailing. So pack everything you need for the sea, dive or just to enjoy the cool of this crystal clear sea.

Postcard islands and sea

The Gulf of California is famous for its backdrops, in fact, it is the destination of dozens of video makers and documentaries who every year go to make wonderful filming. For this reason we recommend that you organize with a good camera and for those who dive a GoPro to capture the beauties of these places. Safe you will live a unique experience for life, traveling by sailboat you will enjoy a very special and privileged point of view. Sit back on the sun-free deck and enjoy your favourite cocktail as the boat sails showing you unique and extraordinary beauties.

Many more information can be found at this link with all the travel details and itinerary. If you have any questions about this destination please contact our staff, it will be at your disposal.

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