Caicco cruises, sailing with history

Caicco cruises, sailing with history

12. October, 2021
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Have you ever thought of caicco cruises as a solution for your holidays? If you love the sea and the outdoors, the caicco is really the ideal solution! But what is it?

The caicco is a sailboat with a wooden hull that derives from traditional Turkish fishing vessels. Its size varies from 20 to 36 meters and is a boat with an ancient and refined reminescence. Featuring large interior spaces, the caicco provides comfort and luxury in an environment that smells of history and sea. In the caicco you will be pampered by the attentive and solicitous staff and you can have a truly unique experience. A caicco cruise is a relaxing holiday during which you will be in contact with nature and visit enchanted places.

The routes of a mediterranean cruise in the Mediterranean are many, you can choose the Italian seas or visit the Croatian or Turkish coasts. Every route has its own wonders to discover.


On Caicco in Italian seas

You can sail in the Italian seas by visiting some of the jewels of the Mediterranean. Caicco cruises can take you to the most beautiful places on our peninsula.

You can choose to tour the Tuscan archipelago, with its bays and ports. You will stop in corners of paradise and enjoy a relaxing navigation.

If you opt instead for Sardinia and Corsica, the itineraries to choose from will be different and each one full of attractions.  You can choose between the south and north of the island and visit the Emerald Coast, the Madeleine Archipelago or the Bonifacio Mouths. You will have access to pristine beaches and of rare beauty carried by a comfortable and luxurious boat.

Moving south, you could visit the Amalfi Coast or the Aeolian Islands, reaching sea angles that you might otherwise never see.

On Caicco in Turkey and Croatia

For your caicco cruises you could also choose more distant destinations. In the Mediterranean, the coasts of Croatia and Turkey are at your fingertips and can give you unforgettable holidays!

Sail carried by the wind, under the guidance of a careful and prepared captain, through the Croatian archipelagos. You will visit wonderful and not easy-to-access places and make stopovers in the evening to enjoy the life of the place.  You can see Split, or Dubrovnik with their monuments and choose the best restaurants for your dinner. During the day, you just have to take care of your relaxation on board by sunbathing, swimming or diving. The captain and the cabin crew will take care of all your needs and you just have to think about enjoying the cruise.

If it is Turkey that interests you, the caicco is really the best solution to visit it! All the elegance and beauty of the eastern Mediterranean, with its wild coastlines and history-rich places will be at your disposal.

The caicco cruise is truly a wonderful holiday if you are a lover of sailing and nature, if you love the quiet places and life on board. Sailing the sea on a sailing ship is a holiday of freedom!

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