Caribbean cruises, landscapes and beauty from the sea

Caribbean cruises, landscapes and beauty from the sea

2. June, 2022
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Summer is coming up fast and with it the time of a well-deserved holiday. After a whole year of stress and work, you can finally leave everything behind and for a whole week pretend that that life doesn’t exist at all. It’s time to go on a cruise on the sea, depart on the wings of the wind and let yourself be carried away by the gentle and incessant roll of the waves.

There are many places to go, one more beautiful than the other: distant destinations, often on the other side of the world. Locations seen so far only at the cinema, made of white beaches, turquoise and transparent waters, coral reefs with pristine habitats.

Cruising the Caribbean, the best choice

Who has never dreamed of sailing to the Caribbean, the "southern seas" par excellence? The Caribbean, a place of maritime adventures, endless islands to explore dreaming of maps and treasures. Choosing one of the catamaran tours you will have many benefits such as:

An all-inclusive that will make the trip a week as pleasant as possible and will leave you with no way to think about anything but having fun and enjoying your holiday. Whether it’s relaxing, adventure or both, the Caribbean catamaran cruise will not disappoint your expectations, and you will return to your former life completely regenerated.

Crociere ai Caraibi, paesaggi e bellezze viste dal mare2.jpg

Plenty of destinations to choose from

But where exactly do you want to go? There are so many islands and islets to explore, one more beautiful than the other. There are many starting points for the proposed itineraries, choose the one that most fascinates you. The enchanting arch formed by the Lesser Antilles is one of the most popular destinations for cruising. One of the options is to embark at Guadalupe, to explore the French Antilles as far as Dominica: transparent sea, palm trees and coral beaches.

Ideal for snorkeling or paddling up to tiny islands where you can stop all day bathing and diving, enjoying life moment by moment. Or choose the Tobago Cays Marine Park starting from Martinique and sailing south to the Grenadine Islands, a spectacle of untouched nature and domineering beauty. Or your perfect cruise could take you to the very heart of the Greater Antilles, from Cuba to Cayo Largo, where on one of the whitest beaches on the planet you can watch sea turtles spawn.

Many locations to explore, invisible islands on maps and that you can tell you have seen. Coral reefs full of wonders to impress well in the head and keep in the heart. All this and much more will be your catamaran cruise to discover the mythical Caribbean. But above all, to discover your most authentic and free side: like the waves, like the wind and the sea itself. You will live a great week, doing exactly what you want to do: from everything to nothing, just as you want.

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