Croatia Kornati Islands, Paradise can't wait!

Croatia Kornati Islands, Paradise can't wait!

12. October, 2021
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Here we are, it's time to focus to choose where to enjoy this year's well-deserved holidays, we suggest Croatia and the Kornati Islands. For a holiday that can start right now because you really reach it in a very short time, crossing the Adriatic sea we're ready to set sail!

This is the perfect holiday for those who want to be immediately immersed in the pleasure of holiday relaxation, these islands are a replica of what Paradise is. The archipelago is located in front of Dalmatia, about 15 nautical miles west of Sebenico and 15 south of Sara. We are talking about a cruise in the name of fun and the feeling of freedom that you breathe in a context like that of the Islands.

Just for a moment, try to imagine yourself on board of fantastic boat full of every comfort, sitting with a good cocktail and a panorama that captures you at every moment ... Have you been thinking about it yet? This is not a holiday in Croatia, this is your holiday in Croatia.


Start how and with whoever you want, anyway will be a show

The destination is simply special, with an itinerary that fits perfectly with every situation. The cruise is suitable for families, couples or groups of friends, the variety is only an added value to the holiday, each situation finds an exceptionally favorable context.

For families it is suitable because these islands explored by the sea offer moments to share that will leave "Polaroid" memories. For young unmarried couples it will be like a preview of the honeymoon, between romance and pampering, and for the married ones a small pleasant déjà vu to savor. For groups of friends it is nothing more than the discovery of a new world seen from the sea, where fun is just the tip of a truly gigantic iceberg!

For everyone it will be an extraordinary holiday that will entertain young and old thanks to the crystal clear sea, the sun, breathtaking views and so good food to upset the taste buds. There aren't many moments of the holidays in life like on a sailing cruise. The holiday lived by the sea has a whole other charm, the perspective of things accentuates the beauty of the views and returns a much stronger memory.


All the sea you want this summer is in Croatia

Choosing this destination for a sailing cruise, beyond the logistical advantage offers the peculiarity of the landscapes. The Kornati Islands look like a painting made by a divine hand, with two predominant colors, the blue of the sea and the intense green of the still wild nature that emerges imposing from the sea.

You can choose from our different solutions, depending on your needs you can take a cruise from seven days, or rent your boat and take off at the command. You have only to choose how to enjoy these landscapes and especially the sea and the deserted beaches of these islands. In fact, one of the great advantages of sailing is to enjoy these features to the full. Are we leaving?

Discover the Kornati Island!

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