By boat with children, family fun guaranteed

By boat with children, family fun guaranteed

12. October, 2021
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Bachelor and bachelorette party on a sailing boat, Malta, Istria and 5 Terre

Marriage is a very important step to take in life, so the stag and hen parties are always a bit, let's say out of the ordinary. However, the celebrations of this now inevitable ritual, can really be made beyond imagination and if they want to exaggerate even a little. Now, raise your hand that any of you have ever thought of a stag and hen party on a sailboat? Exactly. It is really an amazing option not to be missed at the first opportunity that presents itself!

If we want to overdo the party for our friend or friend, celebrating his last bachelor moments on a sailboat is something exaggeratedly beautiful. Moments to share with the most intimate friendships in a beautiful sea tour, a journey that will leave its mark in each of the participants. The party, the boat, the sea, the jokes, the drinks drunk on the bridge, telling the past adventures of a life together, unparalleled! A last trip to leave a friend or a friend of ours leaving us a beautiful common memory before the big day.

Three routes for celebrations to scream

Neither too western nor too exotic, is Malta, a small archipelago in the middle of the Mediterranean, far from the chaos and remotely quiet. On this island a bachelor and bachelorette party is divinely accompanied by incredible landscapes, turquoise sea and crystal clear water. A moment of retreat among friends, to celebrate big on the boat by going around the Maltese archipelago. Enjoying the landscape while sailing between one beer and another and a refreshing bath, up to the landing on the beach for an inevitable evening barbecue, can you imagine better?

Another beautiful destination is Istria, an area of ​​the upper Adriatic that is rich in charm and a culture that is essentially Italian. The Region is perfect for celebrating our friends on the boat before the wedding. With its beautiful islands it lends itself perfectly to a journey of this type, where light-heartedness and relaxation among friends will be predominant. Of course, there will be plenty of fun and you can dive in crystal clear water or sip a cool drink under the sun on the deck. There will be landings in some small villages overlooking the sea where you can stock up on evening boat celebrations or on one of the many Istrian beaches.

And if they were the Cinque Terre? Well, in this case the fun is not only assured, but it will be exaggerated, as this party will have to be exaggerated. Liguria combines the unique beauty of the coast with incredibly beautiful and framed towns. The Cinque Terre are famous throughout the world for the unmistakable uniqueness that nature has managed to give us, a trip by boat along this coast will be difficult to forget. This destination, it is useless to tell you that, it is an exceptional choice for a stag and hen party on a sailboat, your friend or friend will be overjoyed! Sailing along the rugged coast, admiring country after country will be a unique experience that combines with the breathtaking farewell party!

If you really want to have an original party ...

Celebrating on a sailboat will not only be an original choice, or rather out of the ordinary, it will also be a really important gift for your friend or friend. The demonstration of a sincere and important affection, implying that it is the party that the future spouse deserves.

These destinations have been chosen to offer unique sensations, the beauty of a trip on a sailboat between friends and landscapes of rare beauty seen from the sea. Another important point will be privacy, which will be total at sea, so as it is easy to happen in these circumstances, you can let yourself go with a spirit of absolute freedom! It's the bachelorette and bachelorette party ... let's do it right

Bachelorette party and Celibacy on a sailing boat

An original and fun idea to amaze the bride or groom with an unforgettable weekend ...
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