Fast cruise, the RM1180 is the new "missile" of the sea!

Fast cruise, the RM1180 is the new "missile" of the sea!

12. October, 2021
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The cruise can be a great opportunity to relax, but the fast cruise is a huge reservoir of pure adrenaline, endless stimuli and excitement. Of course we are talking about a sailing cruise where the real pleasure is to sail the sea and "harness" the wind. The RM1180 is a sailboat that concentrates all its splendor in design and at its best when it catches the wind to fly over the water. No, we're not exaggerating, take a look at it, and then tell us if this boat doesn't look like it's posing on Earth from another planet. It is already spectacular to see her at anchor with her majestic starge, but to make her feel comfortable, you have to leave her free at sea!

The RM1180 is the synthesis of a design and technology project, the result of which is an incredibly high-performance hull in the open sea. This boat can reach incredible speeds, which for fans of sailing sports species, means guaranteed enjoyment. Look at the design of the hull, the stern with the wide cockpit and double rudder, characteristic of a boat that offers pleasure of a fast cruise. Of course, those who like to fly on the water propelled by the wind, with this boat will be able to satisfy every desire for challenge, take off and sail like never before.

Fast cruising is for many but not for everyone

The new RM1180 is now available in our fleet, which means you can discover all its potential but also your wrist! You can climb aboard this authentic jewel of modern technique and go to sea leaving you pleasantly overwhelmed by the excitement and desire to test yourself. This boat is one of the best available on the market today in terms of fast cruises, and you can really be sure about it. The boat is dedicated to a specific target, i.e. experienced cruisers or who have already had experiences of this type.

The luxury of this boat is outside, its keel and the ability to hold the wind leading it to sail the sea as if it were suspended in the air. However, while minimalist, its interior is complete of every comfort and caracterised by a modern and eye-catching design. The wide portholes and skylights below deck, make the interior bright and radiant where everything is tidy and well laid out, the galley, the very comfortable berths. Sure, it lacks the most ostentatious luxury, but this is not the boat with which you can enjoy the cocktail lying in the bow. With the RM1180 you have only one goal, plying the sea and the waves, only this matters for those who choose a fast cruise.

You don't go to sea, you dominate it

The RM1180 sailboat was born for this purpose, and that's what it has to do. It travels on the sea but the element that supports it is the air, because we remember, with this boat you fly, and it is a beautiful feeling. Surely with what we have written so far you cannot grasp every aspect of this boat, but we can tell you to prepare you to amaze you!

Because as soon as you see it personally you will be impressed, when you board ecstatic, in navigation it will only be love! If you want to know more and give you a nice gift, contact us, our staff will be at your disposal to offer you all the necessary support.

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