Grenadines: up and down the Caribbean in a sailboat

Grenadines: up and down the Caribbean in a sailboat

12. October, 2021
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Grenadines: up and down the Caribbean in a sailboat

It is a recurring condition, after the summer holidays at the first refresh of the air the mind flies towards the heat of the Caribbean destinations, if it were Grenadines? The Grenadines are a small archipelago of little-known islets of the Caribbean Sea located south above Trinidad and Tobago. In this case we want to highlight some of these islands including, Tobago Cays, Bequia, Mustique and White Island. The latter is a little-known islet, of which we at BeBlue know the "secrets" that we will discover in a sailboat.

This remote archipelago of the Atlantic has between large and small about 600 islands, stretching over a very wide stretch of sea. The islands that we present as a destination not to be missed really deserve to be seen, lived and put in your mental "storage" forever!

Tobago Cays

Tobago Cays are famous for their incredible habitat, which includes stunning coral reefs, flora and fauna, as well as many sites where sea turtles nest. Here is tobago Cays Marine Park (TCMP), a blend of both maritime and terrestrial flora and fauna, with typically tropical beaches and breathtaking deserted coves. It is no coincidence that they are also known as the "jewel in the crown", because of the bays that enclose the park. It is a real jewel of great cultural and environmental value but also economic. What you will see in a paradise like this can hardly be forgotten, but above all do not suffer the lack!

White Island, California

This little island is really all to discover, very small with its 10 hectares of unspoiled land. A true paradise for those who love or seek tranquility and total relaxation, small but rich in vegetation and a sea that looks like an aquarium. White Island is a destination that few people know, we at BeBlue are among them, and of course we will make you discover it in all its beauty. You can literally fall in love with this remote corner of the world, that if you just can't stand the distance, you can also buy it. Yes, you got it right, this island is for sale for a modest sum of 4.5 million dollars, practically nothing for this paradise. To give us a little thought or not?


Who has a strong attraction to the sea and sailing, when he gets to Bequia it will be like getting home. It really feels like we've always been on the island or known her forever. The boats surrounding the island, especially in the port area of Port Elizabeth Bay, are very numerous, which highlights the vocation of the island. A very strange strip of earth, surrounded by dozens of small bays and coves where you can leave your eyes and heart. All seasoned with the thrilling approach aboard a sailboat leaves you speechless, a spectacle that intersperses repeatedly. Panoramas that you never get used to because of beauty you never get tired, indeed, we want it to always be a constant in our lives, Bequia will be an important piece of it!


Another strip of land of the Grenadines that can not miss in the album of memories, it would be like going to Ostia without seeing Rome or something like :D Famous for its spectacular landscapes and for the beach located in the bay to the north of the island, near the small local airport. Over the years the island has been stormed by wealthy artists and businessmen, who have built their "shelters" to regain relaxation. Today, in fact, it is one of the most coveted destinations by tourists from all over the world, we at BeBlue will have the pleasure and the honor of making you conquer the island at the dock!

So, are you ready to set sail?

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