Honeymooners, planning the honeymoon boat cruise

Honeymooners, planning the honeymoon boat cruise

12. May, 2022
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The fateful moment has arrived to say yes. Yes to a new life so desired and awaited. And what could be better than fulfilling your dream of love by indulging in the magic of a honeymoon like no other in the world?

Spend your honeymoon booking a sailing holiday visiting the most beautiful places on the planet, on the other side of the world. An experience that will remain indelible in your new life as a couple that is about to begin, and in this way will start with the wind in the stern and it is worth saying.

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The best locations in the world

Wherever you want to go, we’ll take you. Your special day will be such from beginning to end, Large sailboats luxuriously equipped to make you live only the magic of your dream come true. The most beautiful destinations from a landscape point of view, the most vivid and authentic nature, the most pristine seas and oceans.

Days of sun and sea, nights of endless firmament over your head. Unique atmospheres, unforgettable emotions: all this is enclosed in a honeymoon to spend on a cruise on a sailboat or a catamaran at your disposal. You won’t have to worry about anything but living your love. A cruise in the South Seas always includes:

Navigating the other side of the world under a sky of stars different from what we are used to will be the closest thing to a dream you can imagine. And we’re here to make it happen.

Fairytale itineraries in the South Seas

Two of the most popular destinations for anyone who loves sailing: sailing to Polynesia or the Caribbean. Trips lasting between seven and ten days, in which you will really believe that you have ended up inside a fairy tale. The atolls of French Polynesia with their coral reefs with unique transparencies and vibrant colors, populated with flora and fauna like nowhere else in the world. The islands of the archipelagos with their internal lagoons, movie scenarios in which you will be the protagonists of the love story.

In the placidity of the Leeward Islands you will sail from Raiatea and you will sail among the more than one hundred islands of volcanic or coral origin, to the most famous Bora Bora and Huaini. Or on the other side of the world, in another ocean: we are talking about the mythical Caribbean, an infinite maze of islands that have filled the imagination of all of us between novels and action films.

The Antilles are among the most famous islands of this archipelago, your honeymoon could start from the beautiful island of Martinique to the far eastern arc of the archipelago. From there, through pristine waters your cruise will take you up towards Tobago passing along the island of St.Vincent and the Grenadines. Many itineraries always different and new to every day, to fill you with vivid and indelible memories to carry with you for the rest of life together.

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