Houseboat in Holland, discovering the Netherlands

Houseboat in Holland, discovering the Netherlands

22. June, 2022
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Revolutionize your cruise concept and discover the new relaxing trend of a cruise on board a real houseboat.

This year no maneuvering cockpit or narrow cabins as accommodation. An entire houseboat awaits you for a cruise holiday like you have never seen yet, all in the name of comfort and total relaxation.

All you have to do is get on board with your family and/or friends, we’ll take care of the rest.  

A whole crew is at your disposal to accompany you on your journey along the Dutch canals.

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A cruise on a houseboat, how does it work?

It is not the usual sea cruise, this time you will travel on a real house that will sail along the legendary Dutch canals. An experience seen so far only in great films by author or through novels that have made history. You will follow the same waterways that cross central and northern Europe and that, coming from France and Belgium, through the Netherlands flow into the North Sea.
A cruise with pleasantly relaxing rhythms of navigation, ideal to recharge from the efforts of a year of work. You will be able to glance at the colors of the countryside that lie as far as the eye can see, cradled by the gentle roll of navigation. A whole week to rest and recharge. Our offer includes:

In a nutshell, maximum freedom. If you feel like it, you can control our houseboat: the practical test of navigation is included in the price; otherwise, no problem: the crew on board will take care of everything allowing you to fully enjoy your relaxation.

To Amsterdam and the North Sea

Rest, all right, but not only. There are many things you can do during your cruise. Such as cycling on the towpath, cycling through the scents of the Dutch countryside. From Vinkeveen to Amsterdam there are only 50 km, 7 locks to cross for an approximate duration of about 10 hours of navigation. Once you arrive there, you can decide how long to stay: its historic centre, with its dense network of 17th century canals within the Singelgracht, has been declared a World Heritage Site and included in the UNESCO list. Amsterdam is certainly a city to savor pleasantly, rich in culture and museums containing absolute masterpieces of Art History such as the Rijksmuseum or the Van Gogh Museum. But also coffe shop and the famous De Wallen, the most famous red light district in the world.

If instead you want to get to the mythical North Sea, we suggest you sail to Leeuwarden. A path that will make you discover the most hidden corners of this land so fascinating, made of spacious silence, wind noise and rustle of grass; made of clouds that reflect on the almost immovable surface of the water of the canals you are navigating, for your unique cruise in the world that you have just given yourself and that you have surely deserved.

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