Houseboat in Venice, the city lived by the sea

Houseboat in Venice, the city lived by the sea

26. May, 2022
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A true home as a boat, the new frontier of home cruise and personalized is now available at your fingertips. Immerse yourself in a relaxing holiday cruise, out of the usual stereotypical patterns. From today you can sail with your whole family in the placidity of the river and lagoon waters.

Immersed in nature and at the same time a step away from the city of romantic dreamers by definition. This is very easy, the practical demonstration of driving is included in the price: and you will be ready to sail in the waters of the Serenissima or in the lagoon of Grado and Lignano Sabbiadoro.

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How to get a houseboat all to yourself

Choose your starting point according to your preferred itinerary. The rental periods are from Saturday to the following, the places of departure and return are:

In both cases it is an easy and quiet navigation, as sweet as the waters you will cross. An immersive experience in the colors, scents and lights of the river and marine nature. A holiday of rest, but also full of many things to do and adventures to live.

The river navigation is different from that of the sea, you will make a new experience that you will not forget. Especially in the passage of the locks, with all the loading and unloading operations of the ship. A real fun, but don’t worry: you will be assisted by the crew who will think of every technical and operational detail. You will only have the memory of an intense experience, which will surely make you richer inwardly. By the way, the payment of the passages in the locks is included in the price.

Two possible itineraries, always different emotions

From Casale sul Sile we sail towards Venice and the islands of its lagoon. It is a journey of about 140 Km that involves crossing two locks. In all calm it can take up to 22 hours, this means that there are several days to navigate the waters of the lagoon of Venice and, even, to cross the city. Think of it as crossing the Giudecca Canal with unparalleled views of one of the world’s most famous skylines. Of course you can dock wherever you want in one of the many ports of which the area is littered. And get off the ground, to enjoy one of the most beautiful cities on the planet, enter its streets, visit churches and museums.

From Precenicco, however, you can go down along the river Stella to Grado and the lagoon of Marano. It is a journey of about 100 km, walkable in 16 hours calmly through here two locks. This time the strong impact is with the unspoilt nature of Friuli-Venezia Giulia, but also with its entertainment centers. You can relax during the day and go ashore for the nightlife, the environment is perfect for a family trip. Sailing in our Houseboat will leave you with a beautiful memory.

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