Ionian Greece with sailing boat, discovering the heavenly beauty!

Ionian Greece with sailing boat, discovering the heavenly beauty!

12. October, 2021
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Ionian Greece with sailing boat, discovering the heavenly beauty

The versant of the Ionian Greece is the one on the shore of our southern Italy, two near lands divided by a dozen of km, but culturally so far.  A lot about our history has greek origins, also if during the time they changed and have been adapted to our country. Greece is an amazing land that, with over  6.000 little and big islands, guarantees always an unforgettable holiday for the sea, landscapes and culinary traditions. 

This old village is a place full of history and culture, where the tourist is welcomed with enthusiasm and kindness, distinguishing features of humble and friendly people living in places not contaminated by the modernity! Greece is sun and light blue sky, embracing hills and green mountains, where the streats are half unpaved and a lot of people still live  with pastorialism. In this country you will find serenity: for this reason, Greece is suggested especially to the ones' who are in search for a place to recharge their batteries.

Between one retsina and another, towards the islands with a sailing boat

Greece is famous for its big and delicious olives, expecially mixed in a tasty salad with tomatoes, onion and feta cheese, obviously  sipping an iced glass of Retsina and after lunch  a little Ouzo as digestif. These are just a little of the typical tastes that you won't easly forget because an holiday towards this place is like coming back home after a long time, also if it is the first time! Just imagine yourself sailing from Lefkada Island to the south, while the boat is  directed by the ionic wind and you are tasting that salad and that flavoured wine.

Grecia Ionica

Lefkas island is famous for winds blowing on the west side, where a lot of tourists do kitesurf: during summertime a hundred of them fly  over the light-blue and green waves. From here to Itaka, going through the smaller islands, we could  admire an amazing view of the islands raising from the sea. An island full of beaches and desert bays, where everything is possible: drop the anchor for a  restored dive or having a candlelight dinner.

The Ionian Greece is near and easy to be reached, and also that part of land where the financial crisis has been less experienced. This happened thanks to the vicinity with Italy and Europe,  who never caused the loss of tourists fundamental for the financial aspect of the region.

Zante is the southern island in the ionian coast, famous for the the wrecked ships' remains on the beach, a tourist icon. This island is a discover, with its reef sinking to the bottom of the sea and dozen of heavenly creeks and inlets. Sailing towards these coasts will be like living an Hollywood adventure as  leading actors!

Sea, islands and a world to discover

One of the feelings that Ionian Greece could leave to its visitors is nostalgia: once visited these islands and sailed with a sailing yacht here, you could say that you have reached the peak of your summer holiday. If your next holiday has to be special, a boat itinerary towards the coast and the islands of Ionic Greece will be the one for you. 

We suggest  to bring a good camera with you ; for snorkeling lovers, diver's mask and flippers, and also a GoPro. Sea bottoms near these islands' coast are just breathtaking, full of different species of fishes, with a vegetation very close to the one's in the tropical seas. Choose your next greek holiday with a sailing yacht between our destinations, or just contact us for more infos. 


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