Islands of Spalato: Navigation areas in Croatia

Islands of Spalato: Navigation areas in Croatia

12. October, 2021
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Islands of Spalato: Navigation areas in Croatia

Croatia "mon amour", the Adriatic sea of a thousand shades and colours, the islands of Spalato as jewels trapped in the sea, you can't not visit those places! Croatia still preserves that charm of a time when the coast and the sea are still recognizable for the dominant nature. Charm that from the italian bank of this common sea, in time it got a bit lost. The best way to enjoy the most beautiful panoramic view is without a doub aboard a boat, in this way only we can really enjoy the Croatia's sea.

Navigation areas of Croatia and in particular the islands of Spalato are without a doubt one of the most beautiful and interesting of the Adriatic sea. The croatian coast with its many beautiful islands, has received a really good dose of generosity from nature. The most beautiful beaches and islands enclose themselves predominantly inside the stretch of water of the province of Spalato. Let's see below the various locations we'll have the pleasure to see with a cruise in a sailboat in Croatia.

Let's sail from the museum city

Trogir, known as museum city for its beauties and cultural richness, the harbour winds around the little island that is located in the centre of the canal formed by a bigger island, Čiovo. From here we can start the boat trip, to arrive to the other incredible locations, such as Primošten in the north, to reach it we'll see the beauties of an uncommon coast. Dozens of coves, bays and islets that can make goose bumps, it's obligatory to equipe yourself with a good camera.

We depart to go to Sebenico that we'll reach after about ten miles, a stretch of enchanting sea from which you wouldn't want to separate yourself from. Croatia's impact will start to get noticed, capturing fully your mind diving yourself in a world you didn't know it existed! To this wonderful view it must be added an ingredient that won't let you escape and that will mark you forever, dinner by starlight in a desert bay. Moments and flavours that don't find the right words to describe the pleasure of those life fragments.

To follow the park of Telasnika in the island of Dugi Otok, because it has to be remembered, in Croatia there are dozens of beautiful parks to visit, some of them in the most beautiful islands of the country.  To make us not missing anything, we'll sail between two islands, Incoronata and Zut and in the stretch of sea that divide them other islets wil keep us company  breaking the maritime view. It won't be only "sailing" but pure poetry for the eyes, the mind and the earth, hard to describe with a keyboard.

The return to Spalato that you wouldn't wanto to live or maybe yes! 

After seeing such beauty between sea, nature and small towns where fishers live as a decade ago, we have to warn you, it'll be hard for everyone to see Spalato in the horizon. Because this means we're in our way to go home, it means that an amazing week is ending! Of course you'll have a fairytale memory of a holiday like this, and of course you'll want to repeat it... and how can we blame you.

This is one of the cruise itineraries most appreciated of the Adriatic, easily reachable with a ferryboat and with a plane, really a few minutes far from Italy. These few minutes that divide you from an incredible experience that must be done once in a lifetime! For all the details of the sailboat cruise click here

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