Kite surf in Bol Island of Brac Croatia

Kite surf in Bol Island of Brac Croatia

12. October, 2021
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Kite surf in Bol Island of Brac Croatia

Bol is a small maritime resort located in the southern part of Croatia, known by kite surf's enthusiasts.  It's located exactly on the island of Brac, known for its natural beauties, the sea, its seabeds and for a few years also for kitesurfing. For those who don't know about this sport, we can describe it as some kind of "multi-discipline", in fact the surfboard is used to glide on the water and a sail similar to a paragliding to run in the air.

This part of Brac's island has become in no time one of the most favourite destinations for kite surf, in fact, practicing enthusiasts from all Europe can be found along this coast. Along with Lefkada they are two of the european places where thousands of athletes meet up every summer.   
Bol is appropriate for this sport thanks to the winds that cross this sea area, promoting in this way kitesurfing and attracting practicing veterans and beginners to new experiences. This resort has become popular also thanks to some available schools where it's possible to learn and practice. 

In Croatia to fly on the water

This sport has acient origins, even though the kitesurfing we know today has just twenty years of history, especially regarding the bidirectional sail. Which means that it allows you to "fly" in both ways, allowing kitesurfers to twirl while they're in the air. The kitesurf that can be practiced in Bol isn't as extreme as some hawaiian localities, however the currents are favourable and allow outbursts in the air of all respect.

It is important to remember that Bol is located in the southern part of Brac's island in a narrow sea area between two islands, probably for this reason there are currents that provide the opportunity to practice this sport.  The sea area along this coast is perfect for kite surf, but we don't have to forget that besides the wind even the sea deserves our attention, clean and turquoise, rich in flora and fauna. The perfect target for a complete holiday, between relax by the sea and a little bit of adventure flying on the water with surfboard and sail! 

The best period to go to Bol

Relatively the wind in this part of the island it's always present, even though the best months to "fly" are between the end of august and the beginning of october. In this period of the year the winds grow stronger and the amusement increase in a significant way.  However, even in the remaining months from spring to summer, the wind is always present, and it offers the best conditions especially for those who plan to learn this sport.

There is no need to have particular skills to practice kite surf, obviously with a trained body the performances are better and the amusement definitely bigger. In any case it's a sport for young people, where ability and a good dose of strength to maneuver the sail, breaking away from the water and afterwards gliding with the surfboard are requested. For those who love adventure and want to challenge themselves, Bol is the ideal destination to try this sport, an opportunity to see the beauties of the island of Brac and a part of Croatia! 

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