Komodo Park - Bali Indonesia - a knockout week in the middle of nature

Komodo Park - Bali Indonesia - a knockout week in the middle of nature

12. October, 2021
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An exotic and extraordinarily still authentic country, Indonesia and Bali, landmarks together with Komodo Park, for a very uncommon holiday. In these waters and in the many flaps of land that make up this archipelago you can admire extraordinary conditions of nature still intact. Thanks to a still rural culture, the preservation of these areas is really something valuable that needs to be taken care of. After visiting these places you can say that you have really seen the beauty of this world.

Obviously we are talking about a cruise, which among other things has the advantage of offering an additional point of view that is what gives the sea. That same sea that in these parts enchants as August mermaids, so much its infinite beauty between colors and harmonies that combine with sky and earth. The panorama and the images that follow before our eyes, are of such power that they are impried in an instant in our mind.

Get comfortable and enjoy the show in the front row

If you were a movie you should sit with a bucket of popcorn, this trip will instead be real, just as the sea is enveloping like a tight hug. From the port of Lubuan Bajo you set sail to take the sea in the direction of the most incredible sailing holiday. You'll find intense days full of unique images, visiting villages like the "Baju" population, an experience that has mystical and surreal. You will have a lot to see and also to do, from diving to tours of the various islands provided by the cruise tour. Exotic and amazing animals that only in these places can be seen in quantity and especially free in their natural habitat.

For those who practice diving will be the perfect sailing cruise, where you can dive and admire unexplored seabeds. Swimming along with the amazing and harmless mantas near Manta Point, many that look like flocks of birds. Or see the big sea turtles and a plethora of brightly colored fish that mingle with each other like a dancer show. Simply fantastic, a universe apart from all discover to really realize the beauty of this world of ours.

Dragons exist and we can see them

Of course, among the various destinations of the sailing cruise, the famous Komodo National Park could not be missed. Yes, exactly the island that gives the name to the famous "dragon" that we have seen so many times in various documentaries on TV. This time we will have the opportunity to see them up close, lizards that can reach up to three meters in length, certainly disturbing as exciting to see them. This is not the usual cruise, but it will be the cruise holiday plus everything else, and it will be so much! The beauty of visiting unique places with a luxury sailboat, in total comforts and with a menu that you will choose every day according to local productions.

You can make lobsters and wet them with so good "sparkling", the freshest food for your entire cruise. You can choose what to eat directly at the local markets, fish, vegetables and fruits at will. The holiday will be complete and will really satisfy all the senses, it will stimulate the pupils when the taste buds! Get ready to have one of the most beautiful experiences of your life, boat cruise sailing in a stretch of sea full of islands, ports and beaches. You'll have a hard time believing what you'll see but you can take a few million photographs that will remind you that it's all real, really!

If you want to learn more about this luxury cruise, contact us or peek at this page, remember that we are available for any information.

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