Madagascar: the magic of the heaven that can't wait

Madagascar: the magic of the heaven that can't wait

12. October, 2021
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Madagascar: the magical heaven that can't wait

Madagascar is for sure a privileged destination, an island that has to be discovered and circumnavigated by boat. The beauty that surface from the sea gives the sense of the natural magnificence that covers this land. The Africa's biggest island is located on the south-west part and  it's embraced by the Indian Ocean. Its undisputed beauty couldn't be ignored, to see and be experienced without any hesitation. If you have on your plans an unforgettable and amazing holiday,  you have to consider Madagascar between the possible destinations.

The tourist attractions in this place are formidable: from the sea full of flora and fauna, to the heavenly landscapes! The island is an attractive for the snorkeling lovers, because they could explore the sea bottom and the Coral reef, where underwater lives proliferate. The uncontaminated nature reigns in all the land, trusting in the financial entries to support local people. 

Madagascar on a sailing boat to discover the beauty

There are no doubts about the magnificience of this place; the perspective offered by the sea is dazzling: sailing towards these coasts is like a daydream. Making landfall in marvellous bays where water meets white sand has no comparisons, inspiring only the thought that time could be suspend, hoping this moment won't end!

On board it is possible to see Madagascar in a very special perspective that shows the majesty of the nature. The water embracing the island is very proliferate; it's not rare to see the biggest marine mammals of the planet, who privilege about this body of water for its abundance. Madagascar is a world full of life where you could observe with your eyes animals like the wales of Sainte-Marie island, a little place of earth near the Helodrano Antongila Bay on the northern part of the land. 

Madagascar a vela

Eveything you desire from an holiday

If the nostalgia for Africa is true, an holiday to Madagascar could make it pathological. It's impossible not to be hit by the wild nature, animals and flora so unique. In this natural background it's also possible to meet fishes, gopher tortoises, lemurs, iguanas and chameleons as it's possible to meet a dog or a cat in our streats. 

The country is the perfect place for an holiday on a sailing boat, because Madagascar's water is calm, the wind is to the right point and never rough. You could go straight bowline and enjoy the calm of the sea, cutting through the water over the clear seabottom and the Coral reef.  For sure an unforgettable journey and we have an advice for you: bring a good camera and you'll shoot the best photos ever. This destination, also if it's far away, is reachable from Italy by a 9 hours flight, a little sacrifice that will pay you back already from the landing in Madagascar. The combination between sailing and nature in this island could be something really amazing: for the ones who have never try the sailing experience, the first time on The Indian Ocean will be like be born a second time. 

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