Maldives in catamaran on New Year's Eve

Maldives in catamaran on New Year's Eve

12. October, 2021
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Maldives in catamaran on New Year's Eve

Who has never wanted to celebrate New Year's Eve in the heat raise your hand! Good, imagining that all the hands have been raised how about starting the new year in Maldives? Spectacular of course, but we want to overdo, at the beauty of this insane atolls let's add a nice catamaran equipped to the nines, not bad eh?! Now you have the whole picture of what can await you, that is beginning the new year in the middle of the Indian Ocean aboard of a luxury catamaran... Close your eyes and think about being in the harbour ready to embark. Arriving in Malé you might have already seen the incredible images from above, but it's nothing compared to what awaits you. 

Aboard of the catamaran you'll see this indescribable atolls that emerge from the sea surrounded by white beaches and turquoise water of a disconcerting clarity.  We'll navigate in shallow waters  around strips of emerged land , making stops for refreshing baths and romantic dinner at anchor! Yes, a dream that materializes easier than what you could imagine. Think that from this paradise yet to be explored, 10 hours of plane separate you, the Maldives in catamaran will give you an experience to remember throughout your life.

Some details about Maldives and what to do

An agglomeration of atolls,  of which can be counted 26 and that give shape to 1.190 coral islands, rich of vegetation and surrounded by amazings seabeds rich of fauna. The beaches are like you can imagine, immaculate and white to seem unreal, fine sand and palms down to sea level. The capital Malé is the point of arrival and departure, a modern city whose surface area covers the entire island's area in which it rises, as singular as amazing its urbanization. Among the activities to do in addition to enjoying relaxation and the sea, it's recommended snorkeling or diving for the divers. 

For those who love relaxation, nothing is better than enjoying the spectacle from the catamaran deck, with a good glass of fresh frizzantino, while the breathtaking panorama flows pleasantly. We suggest to bring as technological accessory, a camera for divings or a good camera to take postcard-like photos. The Maldives in catamaran on New Year's Eve, are certainly a good idea, to escape and enjoy the world from the other side, where for once celebrating in the heath, in bathing suit! 

A New Year's Eve that give the charge

Certainly it's not the usual snow holiday, that as fascinating as it may be cannot minimally equal a trip to the Maldives in catamaran. This trip is perfect for a couple but also for a family, Maldives are located in an area where the sea is calm and the medium temperature is 25 degrees the whole year. For those who are tempted, the advice is to not think about it too much, the places are limited and it's good to take the opportunity in due time. 

2020 is a special year, start it with an extra gear and fill up with energy and recharge in the sun of the Maldives between a dip and a walk on the beach! For any information for your next trip to the Maldives in catamaran on New Year's Eve, contact us whenever you want. Our Staff is always at your complete disposal to give you information and assistance.

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