Malesia: Tioman, an island to descover

Malesia: Tioman, an island to descover

12. October, 2021
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Malaysia at the mere thought evokes pirate adventures, who do not remember the mythical tigers of Mompracem led by the fearless Sandokan. The famous adventures of the "tigers" told by Emilio Salgari set right in Malaysia, between sea and unspoiled land. Stuff from other times someone would say, far from answer us, in fact, Tioman is one of the Malaysian islands that still remembers the adventures of Sandokan and his associates. The island is located to the east of the Malay Peninsula, named after the locals Pulau Tioman, located about 40 km from the east coast.

It is the largest of a small archipelago and is just 20 km long and 11 km wide, Tioman contains within it a dozen villages most reachable only by boat. This can certainly give a sense of how much is still preserved naturally by the inhabitants themselves. For lovers of nature and still wild places to discover and explore, this island is definitely the perfect place for a holiday between nature and adventure.

A pirate adventure on a sailboat

The best way to discover these wonders of nature is definitely in the sailboat, retracing those stretches of sea where the sailing ships and boats of the 1800s raged along the coasts. A destination to feel a bit like "Sandokan", to the century Kabir Bedi and ply the sea of Malaysian pirates, obviously without any surrender to other ships Today, we can sail along these waters without any danger, the pirates of the imaginative Salgari are just a fairytale memory.

Definitely a beautiful adventure, imagine yourself on the deck of a beautiful sailboat, with saber ... hem, with a good cocktail in hand while enjoying the view. Images more unique than rare, so much vegetation that from inside the island reaches the beaches, a dense flora that makes up a breathtaking rainforest. Flora but also terrestrial fauna, a typical example of careful conservation of the habitat, here you can easily see macacons, flying squirrels, lizards, varans and many other wild animals.

The sea catches you with its infinite beauty

If the island offers unique sensations and images, the sea of rare beauty will be the one we will remember best over time. Crystal with varying colors between cobalt blue and ruby green, with a vibrant flora and rich in species and fish in quantity. For those who immerse themselves in an authentic paradise mixed with colorful fish and a coral reef that gathers them as if it were a meeting point where they gobble. Even from the surface with healthy snorkeling you can see the extraordinary seabed of these waters to have a wonderful memory.

The purity of this sea is very high, indeed, it is necessary to be careful in entering the water because, especially near cliffs, hedgehogs can be quite a problem. So even the jellyfish that often appear and are large, these two elements confirm the absolute cleanliness of this sea. Finally, it should also be remembered that the island of Tioman has not yet been discovered by mass tourism, which is why it is still untouched and wild today. One of those rare places where technological devils have come centellinate, but where the tranquility and richness of nature are unparalleled. A journey worth at least ten, a place that we can hardly find as intact as this one elsewhere. The advice is to leave well equipped to immortalize these magical and unspoiled places!

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