Marine weather forecast

Marine weather forecast

12. October, 2021
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Going on a trip always involves an important logistical preparation and it is always important to have a clear picture of the weather situation that you will face during the holidays.

If this assumption is true for a land trip, it is so true for a cruise.

Having a clear understanding of the situation of the winds and seas before setting sail is an essential requirement for the safety and tranquility of navigation.

By now there are many warning systems and it is now possible to have customized solutions. Relying on one of these services is necessary and important before setting out to sea.

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Meteomed, a personalized service for all sailors

Thanks to its costumized solutions, Meteomed service is one of the most reliable and safe weather services available to sailors.

In collaboration with 3B Meteo since 2006, Meteomed has developed a weather forecast system specifically dedicated to boating and the Mediterranean Sea.

The forecast model used is created by professional meteorologists and it is dedicated to detailed forecasts of the Mediterranean Sea with an accuracy of 2.5 miles.

Meteomed forecasts have a good accuracy up to ten days in advance. They then manage to provide a precise hourly detail of the expected meteorological events.

Furthermore, Meteomed meteorologists produce forecasts that, in addition to being accurate, are easy to consult by anyone and on any device. Accuracy and ease of use are the two characteristics that make Meteomed a leader in the marine forecast sector.

The advantages of a personalized and multi-platform service

One of the greatest advantages of using Meteomed is its flexibility and the ability to access news in a quickly and easily way.

Another strong point is the possibility to obtaining personalized consultancy with an available meteorologist who can give support by phone, even in English.

The ability to access news via web, app or email, make easy and immediate to use its many options:

  • It offers precise forecasts through easy-to-consult synoptic tables.Simple to view, understand and share, the synoptic tables are an agile and highly useful tool.
  • Meteomed provides zoomable cartographic forecasts on the whole Mediterranean basin. With an accuracy of 2.5 miles, it will be easy to know the weather conditions in every part of the Mediterranean.
  • The Meteorotte service is active for subscribers: the ability to trace navigation routes and see the weather.
  • Possibility to receive via sms and e-mail personalized weather reports, to be always informed during navigation.
  • Personalized alert service on upcoming storms and any dangers
  • Meteorologist available to subscribers, ready to provide telephone support
  • Cross-platform approach to have access to news in any situation and from any place.

With these premises it is clear that Meteomed is configured as one of the most interesting and useful services for those who are about to leave for a cruise.

A reliable and efficient service to which delegated the observation of weather conditions and their notification, for a navigation in complete safety and serenity.

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