New Year's Eve in Canaries

New Year's Eve in Canaries

12. October, 2021
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For an amazing New Year's Eve, safely and far from the caos of the cities, a catamaran cruise to the Canary Islands is the right idea!

Mild climate and quiet sea make Canary Islands a jewel for all the sailors and a goal of election for who want to spend the New Year's Eve at the sea! Even in winter in fact, the climate at the Canary Islands is between 16 and 22 degrees and the sea between 20 degrees.  A perfect climate for who want to escape from the cold winter. 

If you wish a period of total relax in an uncontaminated place, Tenerife and the Gomera are the perfect destinations for your holidays. Volcanic islands that have still uncontaminated place, they offer rare beauty glimpses  and many others opportunities for recreation.

Tenerife, between worldliness and nature.

Tenerife is the most cosmopolitan and worldly of the Canary Islands and its capital, Santa Cruz de Tenerife, is the most populous of the entire archipelago.

New Year's Eve at Tenerife means marry the need of an experience immersed into the nature with the desire to have fun. From the sparkling  Santa Cruz, where you can celebrate the New Year, you can go for a trip at the near San Cristobal of the lagoon, Unesco heritage. Here you can visit its beautiful historical centre or enjoy the university night life that animates it.

Nature lovers won't be able not to love the numerous uncontaminated sandy beaches that surround the island. One of the most famous beaches, Playa de las Americas, is also the seat of a rich night life, with bar and discos where you can spend the night of San Silvestro. Surely omre quiet, but equally beautiful is the San Telmo beach, here you also find a lot of typical bar and restaurants on the sea. 

But Tenerife is not only sea: even itsinterior offers rare beauty glimpses with dense woods and  natural parks in which you can do trekking.

On the island you will find the beautiful national park of the mount Teide, where there is the third largest active volcano in the world. Here you can admire the flora and fauna typical of the place.

Capodanno alle Canarie2.jpg

The Gomera. Between prehistoric woods and uncontaminated coast.

The Gomera is the most green of the Canary Islands. It's the only of all the islands that doesn't have active volcanoes, its landscape is dotted with dense woods of laurisilva. It's an interesting and evocative living fossil, that in the Cenozoic is founded in a huge part of Europe. Right for the presence of this trees the national park of Garajonay  has been declared heritage of humanity. The visit at the forest of Laurisilva could be proggrammed with a local guide, but if you love wander through the woods, you can do it alone.

For the trekking lovers the Gomera offers a lot of trails where you can walk surrounded into the nature, but not only this. Its coast are rare beauty and the beach open on uncontaminated stretches of sea.

If Tenerife offers a New Year's Eve in the name of worldliness, the Gomera is perfect for the quiet and nature lovers.

A New Year's Eve on the catamaran at the Canary Islands is a perfect choice, for all taste. An unforgattable holiday make of  sea, nature, sun, sail, relax and fun.

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