Nocturnal navigation,the beauty of darkness!

Nocturnal navigation,the beauty of darkness!

12. October, 2021
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Nocturnal navigation, the beauty of darkness!

With the sailboat the nocturnal navigaton stimulate  contrasting sensations,  of course for the cruises we're talking about  along the coast navigation. The sea in the dark does a certain impression, especially if you don't have trust with the boat and the navigation. Yet, that sensation of disorientation that you might feel the first times, is compensated by the wonder of the stars that shows themselves in all their beauty. The nocturnal navigation shows exciting scenarios, the lights of the coast and the teeming life that appears very far even though it's only some kms far away.

The nocturnal life by boat is special, the silence interrupted by only the marine motion, it becomes poetry in the darkness illuminated by the moon and the stars. It seems like you're getting close to a galaxy all to discover, in fact the sensation is exactly this one, almost like being in a new dimension, unknown. That sensation of concern and strangeness gradually vanishes while getting used to the darkness that makes us appreciate all the beauty the night has to show us!

For better living by boat during the nocturnal hours 

Usually it takes circa 20 minutes to adapt the eyes in the darkness, and then see the stars and the reflexes. Once the eyes take hold in the darkness, the nocturnal vision appears gradually normal, clear and detailed as if it was day. This is the extraordinary capacity that we have in adapting to different and extreme environments. Obviously in the boat there's illumination,  however it's recommended to illuminate the interiors with a red light. Not too strong, so that once you get on deck, the eyes can quickly adapt to the lack of light.

Little tricks that make the difference and that can be very usefu in those moments when it gets necessary acting quickly. The sailboat is a world apart in normal daily conditions, the night change everything, it becomes in fact a parallel world. During the nocturnal navigation , even in total security; it occurs that you always have the complete control of the situation. In this way you can safely navigate and enjoy the unique spectacle of the vision given by the coast and the stars.

A journey worth two!

Navigating during the day,  landing in small coves,  going along the coast and stopping for a dip is priceless. This is the sailboat's beauty during the day, but we can't miss out the beauty of the sea by night. Of course it's limiting, but not less fascinating and poetic the darkness that wraps us. The sea has to be lived in every of its dynamics, by day and by night are two faces of the same medal even if opposing and conflicting. 

A sailboat cruise isn't complete if you don't try the thrill and excitement of a stretch of sea during the night. Different scenarios and equally beautiful to live and to put on the archives of memory. Moments that will be forever impressed, it' a shame not to live them and taste them fueling that experience thta life is. Prepare your luggages, choose the destination that you like more and leave ith the wind that will show you the beauties of the sea! 

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