PilotOne, because boat control is vital

PilotOne, because boat control is vital

12. October, 2021
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In this post we want to talk to you about an accessory that we think is really vital, it is PilotOne, the remote control system! Going by boat must always be a great pleasure, doing it safely being able to rely on even effective technological tools makes everything more serene. PilotOne is a remote control system of the boat, in other words a small remote control, waterproof of course, thanks to which you can control the boat. From any point, on the deck, at the stern, bow or undercover, thanks to this tool you can steer the boat with extreme precision and speed.

With this remote control, you can give navigation orders to the boat, there is no doubt that it greatly facilitates governance, especially to solo sailors. The remote control is equipped with 4 buttons, thanks to which you can perform, for example, left and starboard turns, activate beacons, etc. This small tool, once installed on the boat, will allow for a more "light" and at the same time safe maneuverability, reducing any chance of error practically to a minimum!

Man overboard!

Sailing solo can be an exciting adventure, but this can pose risks especially with rough seas. An important function of PilotOne is the "save", that is, by simultaneously pajafying two control keys you activate the "MOB man over board" mode. In practice, this command sends an order to the autopilot, which will start to perform 360-degree turns, thus preventing the boat from leaving. Of course, the man at sea will have to carry the remote control with the appropriate waterproof case to initiate the rescue order.

This feature is really innovative, because any member on board can activate it without necessarily having navigation experience. The command starts the mode and allows the man at sea to approach the perpetual trajectory of the boat. Really an excellent idea that allows a quieter and safer navigation, being able to rely on technological support in extreme conditions.

Why equip the boat with the PilotOne system

The reasons beyond those already listed are also other, for example it is useful to steer the boat when you are away from the helm, or when you are sailing alone, during the night hours or when there is a risk of falling into the water. This system is the perfect solution that contributes to make the control of the boat easier and faster, this even when you are far from the rudder, for example at the bow. PilotOne in addition to being one of the innovative systems that every boat should have, it is also very easy to install.

A few simple connections will make the boat easier to steer, "as if it were a remote-controlled model", a set of controls useful to perform precise and fast maneuvers. The solution is a step forward for sailing with the sailboat, facilitates routine tasks and control and is a great system for rescue in case of falling into the sea. From our experience we can say that having a system like this on board makes all the difference. In some ways he is like an active "member" of the crew, he executes orders and is also a good "lifesaver"!

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