Safe sailing at the time of Coronavirus

Safe sailing at the time of Coronavirus

12. October, 2021
The Blue Blog

Spring has almost arrived and the Covid-19 emergency is unfortunately still ongoing. While we wait for our lives to resume, we practice social distancing and wait for the epidemic wave to abate. But the question that we are all asking ourselves is how long will it take? Can we enjoy a peaceful and fearless summer holiday? If, as summer comes, the emergency has not fully returned, how will it be necessary to adjust for the long-awaited holidays?

While we wait for the travel bans to be lifted, let's plan holidays that are safe and dreamy at the same time!

Sailing boat, the optimal solution

A perfect solution to enjoy holidays that are in the name of freedom but absolutely in safe, is the sailboat. A sailing trip will take you to dreamy places and, with careful planning, you can live in pristine scenarios where you won't meet other people. The privacy and social distance guaranteed by a sailing cruise are optimal for the first summer of the new era!

You can spend your days relaxing, playing water sports and visiting some of the most beautiful places in the world.

On the sailboat will be you, with your family or the small group of trusted friends, the captain and a very selected crew. You will be away from the crowd and safe from any possible contagion, at least until this emergency is completely eliminated. A sailboat in the middle of the sea is definitely a luxury solution to live a summer protected but in full freedom.


Safety resides in small numbers

An exclusive holiday sheltered from the crowds, sailing is possible! The small size and the small number of passengers make it possible to fully follow the rules of social distance. A healthy and well-trained crew will lead you and your guests through exploring heavenly stretches of sea. Meeting other groups on holiday will be difficult and, in any case, the distances between the boats will ensure your safety.

Compared to a holiday on land, a sailing cruise will ensure much greater safety due to the small number of people you and your fellow travelers will come into contact with. You will live a dream, free to move to places where you will be alone and quiet.

Long stretches of crystal clear sea and beaches where you will be sheltered not only in respect of safety guarantees, but will make you feel a new Robinson Crusoe to regain your freedom.

A sailing holiday will allow you to decide if and when to meet other people never leaving anything to chance. You will be the master of your days and you can always decide when and where to dock to make a retreated and safe life. Without ever forgetting the fun and relaxation that this type of holiday guarantees.

After a winter spent between the four walls of the house, a summer of freedom is a gift to be made to reconcile with life and with the world. Choose a sailing cruise for your next summer!

Luxury and security for an unforgettable holiday will be the watchwords of this post-Covid-19 summer.

At BeBlue together with our owners, we guarantee the maximum sanitation of our boats, respecting the hygiene and safety standards, to ensure our guests comfort in total guarantee and tranquility!

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