Sailboat rent Mediterranean,instructions for use

Sailboat rent Mediterranean,instructions for use

Sailboat rent Mediterranean, instructions for use

For the summer holidays the rent of a sailboat isn't exactly a routine. Of course, after the first private cruise you probably want to get off no more, but newbies you still don't have that veteran's feeling :D This means you have to make wrist with the helm, the sail and the life on board, in short, with everything related the boat's permanence. For the rent you need to keep in mind some key points when you request a boat for 6/8 people of 40/45 feet, and they're  the weekly costs.

These costs aren't included in the rent, because they obviously refer to a personal use of the boat. Meanwhile other costs, for example the fuel, have a standard cost, an estimate on routine's consumption for determined routes. With this post we want to remember you what are the costs you have to take into consideration for your next cruise in a sailboat, in this way you'll have full control on your next trip.

What are the classic extra costs for the rent of a sailboat

Let's see one by one:

  • As said before the fuel: about 80/100 Euro per week;
  • Galley and forages: obviously you can bring aboard the food you prefer, for the cruise consider an average expenditure of  10/15 Euro a day per person. To facilitate in the supplies' choice, we have some pre-filled lists that can suggest you the best things to bring aboard avoiding to make purchases that can result unsuitable;
  • Laundry: obviously every sailboard is provided of bed's laundry, the cost is 10 Euro per person;
  • Outboard engine: the average cost is 80/100 Euro per week as per quotation;
  • Harbours' costs: to be stationed in harbours for the night or during bad weather, costs can change from a harbour to another, but on average it's 90 Euro per night. Obviously every cruise includes night stops usually in little repaired bays and always in optimal weather conditions; 
  • Final cleaning: as for every other rent, also the boat after a cruise needs to be cleaned, the cost is 120 Euro per rent, with variations according to size of the boat.

This is what you need to know more than the rent prices, it's good to keep them in mind to have complete picture on rent costs.

Are you ready to sail the anchor?

Now what you have to do is to identify where to do your cruise in the Mediterranean, choose your sailboard or catamaran, prepare your luggages, don't forget your swimwear and  let's go! Before embarking do a little checkup of everything, especially if it's one of the first times you choose a sailboard and you're too excited. Check if you took everything with you, cellphone, keys, sunscreen ecc ...

When you're ready and your mind has no more doubts, you'll start to enjoy you trip without thoughts and with more happiness. A cruise in a sailboard isn't a simple trip, but the beggining of a journey to a new dimension, so get relaxed and enjoy a new world!