Sailing cruises, trips on past

Sailing cruises, trips on past

12. October, 2021
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And if this year's holiday was a nice cruise, I suggest you consider sailing cruises. It is a form of travel all relaxing, luxurious and ecological! Have you ever heard of it?  Sailing ships are modern cruise ships, equipped with every comfort, with impressive sails that allow navigation that marries tradition and speed. These are ships designed for travelers who love exclusive and luxurious accommodations but with a look at the past and its traditions.

You can choose from the Royal Clipper, 42 sails over 134 meters long, which accommodates 227 passengers. Or you can opt for the star clipper, with its 115 meters for 117 passengers. Both ships are inspired by the sailboats of the past and combine tradition and innovation in a romantic atmosphere.

A holiday on a sailing ship, in fact, is a romantic leap back in time. A look at when they sailed the seas with towering sailing ships, and life had less hectic rhythms than now.

Ideal for any age group, sailing ships offer luxury solutions even for a younger audience.

Luxury and relaxation in the European seas

For those who don't want to stray too far from home, there are several cruises in Europe, from the western Mediterranean to the eastern one. Greece is one of the most interesting destinations, with the opportunity to visit corners of true paradise.  But the Italian coasts also offer respectable scenarios to visit and admire!

Comfort navigation will take you to islands and dreamy stretches of sea. By day you can enjoy the comfortable life on board and descend to explore the coasts in the many stops. Life on board will give you a break from the hectic pace of everyday life. It will be a holiday full of luxury elegance and quiet. An exclusive dream within your reach!


Quiet and adventure away from home

If you want to push Europe's borders, sailing cruises offer several opportunities to catch!

The Caribbean seas will never have seemed so handy! Like the ancient pirates, sail through the crystal clear waters of the Caribbean aboard a large sailing ship! You will be welcomed by a professional and prepared crew and will be pampered throughout your stay on board. In an accommodation where luxury marries the simplicity of sailboats, older customers find the ideal size. Travel exploring enchanting and wild places within a comfort frame.

If you're attracted to Southeast Asia, a sailing cruise will satisfy you. From Bali to Pucket, Singapore or Borneo, you can comfortably reach all the destinations of your dreams. Board a luxurious sailing ship and enjoy a relaxing and quiet sailing. In an exclusive setting you can sail on the trail of the corsairs dedicating your days to your hobbies. Sports, diving, yoga, music, traditional shows will brighter your days and you can enjoy a top-notch restaurant service.


Sailing cruises, for luxury and comfort, are the ideal solution for a restorative holiday for anyone who wants to get away from the daily frenzy. They are also perfect for those who, no younger, want to explore new corners of the world in a protected and comfortable environment.

What are you waiting for then? Book your sailing holidays and explore the world from a prime location!

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