Sri Lanka, we start in catamaran

Sri Lanka, we start in catamaran

12. October, 2021
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Exotic destination but not very popular, so perfect for an exploratory holiday between nature, adventure and relaxation. Sri Lanka is located in the Indian Ocean, precisely in south of India, a drip-shaped island in the middle of the Laccadive Sea. What fascinates this exotic destination is the tranquility of the seaside villages, where fishing is still a major work. In this much less popular tourist area for Western holidaymakers, you will be able to rediscover the authentic value of nature. Sri Lanka is a country rich in culture, where there are numerous sacred places and many excavations with Buddhist ruins some of these famous.

Visiting this country is extraordinary for cultural enrichment, however the catamaran trip will offer many other ideas for reflection and appreciation. Our itineraries are two, one departing from Dutch Bay Trincomalee in the northeast of the island, the other from Mirissa in the south of the country. From these two locations you will start for different destinations but that have in common the spectacular panorama that will accompany you during the navigation. It will be great to visit some of Sri Lanka's most beautiful beaches, one of them is the Kudawella, pristine beach and of very rare beauty.

Impossible not to have fun

The catamaran cruise is a great fun one, we are talking about a boat super-equipped and equipped with every comfort. Extensive cabins and large spaces on the deck, a real blast enjoying the sea and the view from this privileged point, a holiday really like few others. The sea voyage will be interrupted to visit the various fishing villages along the way, where you can buy fresh fish at incredible prices. You will meet friendly and helpful people, who live in small villages overlooking the sea where time seems to have stopped. Between one country and another you descend to the shore in the small beaches and paradise coves, where the tale of Adam and Eve becomes almost perceptible ...

Lush vegetation, of an intense and bright green, the turquoise sea, green and blue, which alternates according to the seabed. Obviously transparent and crystal clear water that invites you to dive for the duration of the cruise. Needless to say, diving is almost automatic, the variety of fish you can see on the water is impressive. Colorful fish with very different shapes and sizes, diving in these waters is simply divine, fauna and flora fill the seabed teeming with life.

Sri Lanka the holiday you miss!

There are hundreds of beautiful places in the world, each with its own history, landscapes and charm. Sri Lanka makes no exceptions, with the difference that this country has unique features compared to others, the climate and the beautiful sea among the most important. All those who want adventure and live strong and unforgettable emotions, the cruise in Sri Lanka is definitely one of the holidays that should not be missing in the album of memories.

For this reason it is advisable to bring a good photographic medium, it will be the eye that will make you dream again when you are back home. Leaving for a catamaran cruise in Sri Lanka is not only an exotic trip, but it is the journey of life. The one where you go once and where you will always have the desire to return.

For all the information,visit the two travel proposals itinerary, details and photographs, , for clarification and contact call us or visit this page.

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