Sun Loft 47: the new star of the sea now available

Sun Loft 47: the new star of the sea now available

6. March, 2023
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Jeanneau for many may seem like just a nice name, and it is so, but it is also the brand of an important boat manufacturer, who is "navigated" knows what we are talking about. Well this company has launched a new sailboat that revolutionizes the market, something that goes beyond practicality and safety, the Sun Loft 47 is a work of art. A true masterpiece of engineering and design to take your breath away, even those who are not accustomed to life on the boat, can not fail to be bewitched by this floating jewel. We try to describe this beautiful boat to you, but we already know that all the words we can use will not honor its beauty inside and out.

The Sun Loft 47 was born with the aim of winning over young people, we can assure you that it will succeed great. Designed for medium-to-long-term cruises, so with an on-board equipment and especially furnishings to envy the best sea view rooms. With the difference that with this boat the sea will be the "cushion" that will lull you for the duration of the holiday. Now let's see what the Sun Loft 47 offers us, a name that evokes space, and on board there will be so much for everyone, up to 12 people plus skipper.

Best for sailing

6 cabins and 4 bathrooms, spacious berths and comfortable, with finished interiors of great taste and class, a feature that distinguishes Jeanneau in all models produced. With this boat the company really gave the maximum, it was not spared at all, functional furnishings strictly made of wood. With a large cockpit where you can spend the most beautiful moments in navigation, even moving on board is very easy, thanks to the spaces rationalized with wit. The exterior design is eye-catching and slender, in fact, the Sun Loft 47 is not only beautiful, but travels on the water which is a beauty.

It holds the sea like a few other boats and is extremely safe, all this gives the boat features that hardly combine well all together. Jeanneau has created the perfect boat for young cruisers, who thanks to the skills of this model can travel at incredible prices. Many strengths that make the Sun the ideal boat even for budding cruisers, making the first sailing cruise with this model will leave its mark, safe. Those who have already had other experiences at sea, the cruise with the Sun will forever sad the union and love for the sea!

Enjoy the best at sea

Sailing is a unique experience that can't be compared to other trips, doing it with the Sun Loft 47 amplifies its feelings and emotions. Whether you are a large family or a group of friends, this boat will be the triumph of your fun. You will discover pleasures that you have never experienced before, plying incredibly crystal clear seas, diving directly from the stern thanks to the comfortable overboard platform. Deserted beaches and coves await you for barbecues full of taste and joy, a dream that today can be realized without problems.

So get ready to savor the sea and the beauty of this super boat, it will take you to enchanted places where you will be the protagonists of "your film". Life deserves to be lived to the end, the sailing cruise with the Sun Loft 47 will be your film set. So don't forget cameras and everything you need to capture yourself aboard this boat with beautiful and surreal natural backgrounds. Your next cruise has to be special and it really will be!

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