The advanced meteorology of the new millennium

The advanced meteorology of the new millennium

12. October, 2021
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Nowadays we are equipped with weather technologies of last generation, where thanks to applications, services and advanced technologies, we can have an excellent forecast approximation on a local scale, in real time and in the future. Very often you find yourself in navigation during the changing weather conditions; Having a reliable forecast allows us to return to the port in advance, prepare the boat and the crew for bad weather or choose to sail further below the coast.

Besides the well-established and old weather report on VHF Channel 68, there are now highly developed instruments with a high probability, starting with the weather data. One of the most valid service is Meteomed, which can be accessed from all platforms - tablet, PC, phone, mail and cadenced messages- thanks to an automatic responder that replicates and optimizes Channel 68. 

"The work of meteorologists, before the data's publication, relates to a numerical validation and the support relating to local phenomena that can generate the inaccuracy of the data on a specific location. This precision becomes very useful to those who go to sea for passion, but also to the whole world of regattas, in which meteorology is at the base of strategic choices. Tightening the resolution meshes on a local scale, is a job not at all obvious, the conditions of the territory must be reproduced and the number of calculations that the computer must make to produce the data increases, requiring important computing powers and long processing times. Produced the data validation by the meteorologist is fundamental, what was once the experience of the 'local' and that today must be micrometeorological competence of the forecaster" explains Riccardo Ravagnan Meteo Forecast & Services Manager of Meteomed.

One of Meteomed's most interesting services is the ability to establish "custom" alert systems depending on the rating parameter chosen, wind intensity, wave height etc.

Each service is customizable to your needs and you can set up automatic and periodic communications according to your preferences, as well as have the sudden communication of exceptional alerts, so you always have the predictions on your device.

However, the basic principles of meteorology remain important, how to recognize and observe the typical signals indicating or the increase in high clouds (such as cirrhos and cirrhos), accompanied by a change in the direction of the wind, that can herald a near worsening of the weather conditions, a conclusion in which it is reached even without special instruments.

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