Honeymoon on a sailing boat, super love boat!

Honeymoon on a sailing boat, super love boat!

12. October, 2021
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Honeymoon on a sailing boat, super love boat!

Usually couples for the best trip choose destinations like Polynesia, Maldives or Thailand, but what if it was the honeymoon trip on a sailing boat? Same destination, then, scenarios, but different beauties and landscapes and bigger emotions! Do you want to put your honeymoon in a canonical resort with a super-equipped and luxurious sailboat? There are no comparisons, to sail the waters aboard a boat or catamaran pampered by the waves and served at all points by hostesses, with cook on board and skipper for navigation.

This is not only the journey of the honeymoon, but an experience that will firmly remain among the most beautiful memories of the spouses. For example, imagine yourself on board with the crew, where your only thought will be just to make provisions for lunch or dinner. Make you serve some good cocktails, or choose the beach where to drop off the anchor to have a nice solo bath.

A heavenly stay between sea and relaxation

Whether it's a week or two, the bride and groom can count on an excellent on-board service, offered by professionals who will make the honeymoon in an exceptionally beautiful sailboat. Sunbathing while sailing will be the only activity on board that the couple will have to do, apart from enjoying aperitifs and cocktails prepared by the staff. Yes, indeed this is not the journey of marriage but a taste of paradise, whatever the destination between Polynesia, Maldives or Thailand, it does not matter, these places are already enchanted and heavenly.

A honeymoon on a sailing boat in one of these destinations is worth at least 10 resorts, endless emotions and wonderful landscapes that can only be seen and reached by sea. Surely the best way to start a life to live together, so what's better than a start like this to remember forever! Far from any stereotype, a journey like this is certainly not customary, it is that exceptional alternative for those who really like having the best.

Why choose a sailing boat?

For its singularity surely, but it is certainly not the main reason, we say that for the honeymoon the boat or the catamaran are perfect. Comfort and maximum comfort, a mix of relaxation, luxury and a touch of adventure enough to make everything exceptional. It should be remembered that the boats are equipped with everything, kitchen of course, double rooms, bathrooms with shower, sitting area, TV and every kind of comfort. However, the greatest luxury is to sail in waters of incredible beauty, with beautiful depths rich in wildlife, where you can dive to admire them up close or simply snorkel.

The things to do will be many, all one more pleasant than the other, obviously in the company of the sweetheart! These are the most beautiful things in life, those moments passed happily together, what better time to take a similar journey than the wedding? If you have not yet decided when to get married, now you have one more reason to set the date, for the trip, well ... there should be no doubt in the boat!

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