A look at the Grenadine islands

A look at the Grenadine islands

10. August, 2023
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The Grenadines are a complex of 32 islands, reefs or atolls scattered along 72 km between the Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean. If you are thinking of organizing a trip to a heavenly place, one of those where you can disconnect from everything to take refuge in the beauty of nature but also where you can relax among the sun, crystal clear sea and seabed to explore, the Caribbean Grenadine islands are absolutely the destination that's right for you.


Start from Martinique, a volcanic island capable of enchanting with its vast landscapes, where kilometers of beaches alternate with dense tropical forests, in a riot of different cultures, traditions and stories. Here you can admire the unmissable panorama from Morne Gommier, climb the active volcano of Mont Pelée, go scuba diving at Diamond Rock, explore the seabed of Pointe Borgnèse or venture into the bat cave.


Saint Vincent is a city that exudes an old Caribbean charm as well as being full of attractions worth visiting. The historic center is a maze of picturesque and colorful streets and upon arriving at Fort Charlotte you can enjoy an incredible view of the city and the surrounding islands. If you love nature, the Botanical Gardens or a hike on the famous Vermont Nature Trail are perfect for you. The best way to explore Saint Vincent, however, is to take the Leeward Highway Scenic Drive, a forty kilometer road that crosses the western coast of the island, passing through villages, black sand beaches and coconut plantations.


Bequia is a hilly island covered in bougainvillea, cacti, frangipani and oleander. Among the most beautiful beaches, we must mention Princess Margaret Beach and Lower Bay, characterized by an expanse of white sand that slopes into crystal clear waters. In the town of Park Bay there is the Old Hegg Turtle Sanctuary, a "reserve" founded by a retired fisherman to protect hawksbill turtles, an endangered Atlantic species.


From the sea, Mounts Olympus and Parnassus outline the silhouette of Union Island, which was once a large cotton plantation. Mayreau, on the other hand, is the smallest of the inhabited islands: from Saline beach, going up a hill you arrive at a small unnamed village where generally there are more tourists than inhabitants. On the opposite side of the island, Saltwhistle Bay is a sublime place, as beautiful as few others in the Caribbean.


Other small islands that you absolutely must visit are:


The last stop, although not the least important, is the Tobago Cays Marine Reserve, where you can spot many marine creatures such as sponges, corals, parrot and box fish, groupers and if you are lucky even some nurse sharks, in addition to the fantastic green turtles that live there.

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