America's Cup, the competition and the passion for sailing

America's Cup, the competition and the passion for sailing

12. October, 2021
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America's Cup, the competition and the passion for sailing

For many, the discovery of this international race is associated with the achievements of "Luna Rossa", the boat that in 2000 made millions of Italians dream, considering most of them were following the America's Cup for the first time. Although we must say that a sailing record was established a few years earlier by the "Moro di Venezia" of the then Patron of Montedison Raul Gardini. This sporting event is not just a race that puts boats and crews to the test, but it is also a historical symbol that is liked and experienced since then, and perhaps even today.

The first edition started in August 1851, on a route that wound around the Isle of Wight and was won by the "America" boat. That first edition was a challenge between US and UK, and between two challengers in particular, the British Royal Yacht Squadron and the New York Yacht Club which participated with the name "America". This one arrived at the finish line 8 minutes before British opposing boat "Aurora", which came second with the regret of Queen Victoria, who had put the cup up for grabs. From this victory of the "America" boat, the name of the race we know today, America's Cup, was also born.

An evolving race

This event, over more than a century and a half, has offered emotions and moments of pure competition, with developments that have led to the construction of ever faster boats, combining even the best sailing techniques. Even if Italy started following America's cup only a few decades ago, now each edition mobilizes millions of fans ready to support the Italian crew or the sponsor that represents the country.

It is an event where the best crews of the sailing world fight each other until the last jibe, catching every breath of wind to fly over the water. It is exciting even just to attend an important event like this, and being able to do it from a boat on the stretch of sea where it takes place is even more compelling. The last edition of the America’s Cup held in Bermuda in 2017, saw Team New Zealand as the winner, overtaking the BMW Oracle Racing crew with a score of 7-1. Today the media contributes to making this race more and more popular, and the demonstration of this success can be seen in the names of the important sponsors who offer millions to imprint their brand on the glider.

Next stop: Auckland/New Zealand

The 36th edition will take place in New Zealand in the stretch of sea next to the city of Auckland, the most populous city in the country also called "City of Sails". The next 2021 edition will anticipated by the Prada Cup Challenger from January 2021 to the main event of the America's Cup, again presented by Prada. This edition promises to be exciting, the various development teams and crews are already at work and are testing the boats to achieve maximum performance as usual.

In Sardinia, the Luna Rossa team is testing and trying out the new boat. According to rumors, the boat, of which very few details are currently available, seems to be literally able to fly on water. So, about half a year from the next America’s Cup, we already have some clues of what awaits us, which, in any case, will be a show not to be missed!

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