Belize in a sailing boat between Coral Reef and Maya culture

Belize in a sailing boat between Coral Reef and Maya culture

12. October, 2021
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Belize in a sailing boat between Coral Reef and Maya culture

This little area of the Latin America borders with Mexico, Guatemala and Honduras, while the maritime versant is set in front of Cuba and the Cayman Islands. From the geographical position, you could guess that we are talking about a tropical region, with a weather around the 25°/28° degrees, ideal for a holiday without too much high temperatures. The most extraordinary fact about this town is the total extraneity to the international political facts and to the social problems around the world. This because Belize is a bit littler than our Sicily, has a population of 380 miles inhabitants: for this reason, peace and serenity are the predominant elements here.

Here we are with our future Caribbean experience! Belize in a sailing boat is one of the adventures that will be remarkable in your heart and mind, and in particular in your eyes. There are a lot of beautiful places all around: the landscape is as you are imaging it, thin and white sand and emerald green and cobalt blue water, an earthly paradise. Ashore you will find luxuriant palms and a typical tropical vegetations, the perfect spot for a fruit cocktail and a taste to the Caribbean cuisine, having a siesta under a palm on the peaceful beach.  

On a sailing boat from Placentia to the north

The Placentia’s harbour is located in the meridional coastline of the region and it’s the starting point where we leave the mooring and begin our Caribbean adventure. Set sail to north, we will explore the best spots of Belize: extraordinary atolls surfacing over the sea, the coral reef where it is possible to admire the marine flora and fauna underwater. There will be a lot to see underwater so equip yourself with diver’s mask and flippers for the snorkelling and maybe also a good camera, essential for unforgettable photos. Now think about being on board of a sailing boat which is guiding you in the exploration of this sea. You are sitting in the deck with your favourite cocktail on a hand and your hat in the other hand, while the boat is navigating through this Caribbean paradise, not bad really? So, this is what you have to expect from Belize in a sailing boat, a peaceful land for the one’s in search for peace and beauty!

Sea, atolls and corals

The incredible historical, cultural and territorial variety of this land will to the beauty of the sea and the land, where you will explore the Maya’s archaeological sites as a testimony of a glorious past that has to be discovered. Not only sea here, but also the millennial history and culture in a place that welcomes the tourist and offers everything. Sailing here will be like recalling the ancient routes of the explanatories, with the difference that today we have only one aim, to enjoy these incredible beauties and make treasure forever. Among the coral reef and the atolls, you will have the opportunity to experience the Great Blue Hole, defined by greater exploratory and navigator Jacques Cousteau as a “blue hole” in the middle of the sea and one of the 10 beautiful places in the world for snorkelling. Do you understand what we are talking about? A unique world to discover, enjoy and imprint in hundreds of photos. This is Belize in a sailing boat, and you won’t have to miss it: plan your journey without any hesitations! Thanks to the skilled BeBlue skippers you will have the opportunity to choose a personalized itinerary, because we don’t have to put any limit to the beauty!

Caribbean sailing cruise: Belize on a catamaran

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