Boat holidays: 7 days of holiday

Boat holidays: 7 days of holiday

12. October, 2021
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Who said that a boat holiday should be just relaxation and nature? For lovers of fun the Circus Flotilla is available for a holiday out of the blue!

Have you ever thought about spending your birthday on a boat? Celebrating with a group of friends during a cruise is an experience to live. Let our skippers take you on a fun-filled holiday and spend your birthday on board with your closest friends.

A flotilla dedicated to the most unbridled fun

Circus offers its guests three types of boat, full optional and complete crew:

Embarking on a catamaran or sailing boat with your friends on a birthday cruise is an unforgettable experience! Why settle for just one day of celebration? A cruise multiplies your party by seven, Get on board and start enjoying yourself for a breathtaking birthday. Between relaxing sailing, cocktails on board and nights full of music and fun, a birthday boat is a real gift for yourself and for your friends.


Croatia in the name of fun

A birthday sailing in Croatia is a birthday of sea, sun and real fun.

From the start, with a welcome aperitif you will begin to enjoy the festive climate that reigns on the boats of our flotilla. The trip will take you to explore the Croatian coasts for seven days of pure fun.

A navigation that will depart for short distances, will allow you to enjoy during the day the beauties of the sea, including diving, sea and sun baths, and sunset, nightlife.

From the lush Vgarda to the islet of Kiro in the bay of Uvala, the sea in the morning will give way, in the evening, to aperitifs, music and fun under the stars. The white cliffs of Kornati will be a sight to see and you can swim in the crystal clear sea on which they overlook. The bay of Opat, then, is perfect for a dinner on the beach organized specifically for the crews.

And why not make a fun race challenging the other boats of the flotilla? The island of Tijat is the perfect place for a challenge in the open sea! And after the race, an aperitif all together on land to enjoy the sunset. And more sea baths and typical dinners to continue with the festivities on the island of Krknata. And then Lavadra and Zut, of an enchanting beauty, where to enjoy the sea and have fun in the evening, and then conclude the tour with a visit to Zadar.

In short, a birthday of great fun that will remain truly memorable! What are you waiting to contact us? We will be happy to give you all the information you need!

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