Catamaran or monohull?

Catamaran or monohull?

12. October, 2021
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Modern cruising catamarans are specifically designed for holidays dedicated to comfort. Spacious interiors and large external spaces, internal living area on the same level with the external cockpit and a large trampoline make the catamaran an excellent travelling companion.

Choosing a monohull boat instead of a catamaran is certainly synonymous with an entertaining navigation and a weekly itinerary marked by the rhythm of the wind, without forgetting comforts. Between one tacking and another, the guests will be able to get confident with helm and sails, sailing safely among islands and bays. 

Plus of a catamaran

  • Internal and external comfort
  • Low rolling at anchor
  • Suitable for a shallow seabed thanks to the shallow draft
  • Recommended for cruises with kids on board
  • Recommended for: exotic destinations where the light wave motion in the bays is lessened by the buoyancy of the two hulls.

Plus of a monohull

  • Fun: sailing performance, higher perception at the helm 
  • Lower lease and mooring prices compared with a catamaran
  • More widespread: the availability of monohulls in the Mediterranean is 40% higher
  • Suitable for small groups: availability of monohulls with 2 or 3 double cabins

Recommended for: trips in the Mediterranean, where the space in the bays and the light winds favor monohulls.

Ideas and suggestions

Our BeBlue experts navigate and know directly the proposed boats. Tell us more about your next trip, the participants and their needs: we will find the right boat for you.

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