Catamaran sailing in Thailand

Catamaran sailing in Thailand

12. October, 2021
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Travelling on a catamaran in Thailand: the reasons to do it at least once in your life!

Everybody knows that Thailand is a wonderful place for both its nature and its landscapes; one of the most beautiful places to enjoy the sea, relax or go on adventures through the fascinating Thai landscapes. A trip to the most beautiful destinations like Phuket, Phi-Phi Islands (also famous for the movie The Beach), Koh Lipe or Ko Rok, is something everybody should try at least once. The marvelous archipelago of the Andaman Sea is an authentic lost paradise in the southern part of Thailand, in the west of the Malaysian peninsula.

Islands full of beauty, offering many different possibilities for exploration, of which one of the most exciting is certainly travelling by sea. If you like this kind of experiences, you will be happy to know that one of the most suggestive ways to explore the islands of the Andaman Sea is precisely a catamaran tour.

Relax: catamarans are the perfect boats for relaxing

Whether you want to live an adventure or just relax, a catamaran is perfect. Being a very stable and spacious boat, it is suitable for any type of excursions and guarantees maximum relax for its passengers. It also has the advantage of having a little and useful dinghy with rigid keel to enter the most suggestive coves. Last but not least: safety. Catamarans are really stable and safe boats, also in adverse weather and marine conditions.

Adventure and natural treasures

Among the many famous places that you can visit, there are the Phi Phi Islands, Nai Han Beach, Koh Rok e Koh Muck and the Caribbean-like Koh Lipe. Going on excursions and snorkeling among the wonderful species of tropical flora and fauna, entering exclusive bays and exploring limestone caves of rare beauty will be activities on the agenda.

The unique experience of the sea

It might seem trivial, but experiencing life at sea firsthand, living like a skipper in one of the most beautiful seas in the Indian Ocean, is a lot: a symbiosis that will transform those days into unforgettable memories. Even though we can live fantastic experiences also in Europe and we can try any kind of marine exploration or cruises of different kinds, doing it in Thailand on a catamaran is an authentic adventure we would like to share with everybody. It is one of those things anyone should definitely try at least once, and there will be plenty of stories to tell after the trip.

The best period to visit Thailand on a catamaran

People who travel to Thailand are looking for something unique. It might be distressing to find overcrowded beaches, that’s why one of the best situations is definitely a catamaran cruise, with a skipper who knows the places well and will let you live a different experience compared to the usual exotic holidays in a tourist village.

One of the suggestions that are generally taken for granted – but not always – is to choose precisely the peak tourist times, like public holidays. For these periods there are many offers with discount prices, highly recommended to live a catamaran adventure in Thailand.

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