Cilento and Amalfi Coast on a sailing boat: history, culture and good food

Cilento and Amalfi Coast on a sailing boat: history, culture and good food

12. October, 2021
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Cilento and Amalfi Coast on a sailing boat: history, culture and good food

Italy is beautiful from north to south, but there are some places that have a far greater heritage. Campania from this point of view is among the richest, the Cilento and Amalfi Coast on a sailing boat represent the maximum of the vacation. Now, for those who know the Amalfi Coast, they know what an extraordinary beauty we are talking about. The crystal clear sea and the incredible villages set along the coast, "hanging" on the mountains overlooking the sea. With the boat cruise the perspective of the views has a completely different vision, one thing is to arrive in Amalfi, for example by car, an account and see the country appear from the sea, a whole other story!

This point of view must be repeated throughout the Amalfi Coast and Cilento, starting from Naples, one of the starting points for our cruises. To make a more complete picture, we set sail for example from Naples and point the bow in a southerly direction, towards the Amalfi Coast and follow the Cilento. Obviously in the middle an infinity of natural beauties and incredible villages, where to moor for a brief stop and maybe make a good meal tasting the extraordinary cuisine of these places.

Sea, landscapes and gastronomy

A journey to discover Cilento and the Amalfi Coast on a sailboat, means lots of fun, discover enchanted places, unspoiled nature and of course good food. For those who have never visited these places, doing it with a cruise on a sailing boat will be like making ten trips in one. Just to say what we can see along the navigation, we mention the beautiful Sorrento with its cliff and the buildings overlooking the sea. Or Positano, a favorite spot for personalities from all over the world, but also small Amalfi or the enchanting Vietri sul Mare. Magical places, where the earth meets the sea, where the ancient history of these places is still present today.

The Cilento further south is comparable to the Caribbean, with mixed landscapes between cliffs and wide beaches, blue sea, very clean water and breathtaking panoramic views. Villages such as S. M. di Castellabate, Acciaroli, Pisciotta, Palinuro and the pearl of Cilento Marina di Camerota, impossible not to admire them better if from the sea. In all these places there is a constant, and it is relaxation, the quiet of the villages combined with the sympathy of the inhabitants make the stay pleasant and rewarding. All this within a sailboat, including of course the bays where you can bathe in total freedom, and maybe improvise a candlelit dinner!

The sailing cruise you can't miss

This itinerary offers practically the sum of all the best of the Amalfi Coast, the sea and all the unique beauties of these places. In a single trip you can visit most of the most beautiful and characteristic places of the Region, starting from a privileged point of view thanks to the sailboat. In fact, many of these countries are really difficult to visit by car, especially during the hottest months, especially the Costiera, which unfortunately does not have and cannot have a different road than the one it has.

By sea it is the best condition to visit this part of Italy in some ways it is still to be discovered, The beautiful sea, the landscapes that leave you breathless and we remember the good food, combine in a sort of box of emotions that you will always carry with you! Therefore, if you want to realize a dream like this, please contact us for all the information you need.

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