Cilento, the coast of Campania seen from the sea

Cilento, the coast of Campania seen from the sea

12. October, 2021
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The Cilento Coast, so rich in history and natural beauty, is a perfect destination for a sailing holiday. For a holiday that wants to combine history, art, breathtaking landscapes and excellent food.

Sailing along its coasts allows you to access enchanted places, where nature dominates uncontested and its beauties take your breath away.

From Salerno to Maratea the coastal stretch allows easy navigation, is dotted with villages to visit and offers many mooring opportunities. An easy navigation, which can be done by planning short stops and taking all the time to go ashore and visit places of incredible historical-artistic and naturalistic importance.


A navigation of the uncontaminated sea and excursions to archaeological sites

The stretch of sea that from Salerno goes down to Paestum and then round Agropoli, Castellabate and get to Acciaroli, is full of surprises even for the most demanding sailors.

Nature, so much, untouched, and places of archaeological interest to visit with short excursions in the hinterland.

How not to talk about Paestum, the first stage along the route that leads from Salerno to Maratea? World Heritage, its archaeological site is one of the most important and best preserved of our peninsula. To visit Paestum the port of choice is Agropoli. Characterized by its rocky spur that houses the town, like an ancient acropolis, Agropoli from it the village takes its name. Agropoli has the largest and most equipped marina in the Cilento and combines a lively nightlife with a nature of rare beauty.

With a short navigation from Agropoli you get to Castellabate, important for its natural area that hosts rare and protected species.

Punta Licosa and the bay of Ogliastro are obligatory stops along the coast of Cilento for their natural beauty.

Next stop is Acciaroli. Medieval village built on a promontory overlooking the sea, still retains its original layout. The Norman tower was built by Frederick II in 1233. Its beaches are among the most loved by tourists for the white sand and the crystal clear sea.


When nature is sovereign. From Palinuro to Maratea

Sailing south you reach Palinuro. Capo Palinuro, of breathtaking beauty, is one of the most beautiful stops for those who sail along the coasts of Cilento. The indented coastline opens into coves of rare beauty, like the Cala del Buon dormire. Accessible only by sea, it is an enchanted place with white sand, crystal clear sea and rocks overlooking the sea.

Going south we are in the middle of the Cilento National Park, a protected natural area, a World Heritage Site and a biosphere reserve. Marina di Camerota is an integral part of it with its beautiful Mediterranean scrub that descends to the sea.

After Marina di Camerota you reach Maratea, bordered by beaches of rare beauty and for this reason called the Pearl of the Tyrrhenian Sea. Its 32 km of coastline are jagged and open into coves and coves on a turquoise sea that has nothing to envy to tropical paradises. A jewel to see, the final destination of a sailing trip along the coasts of Cilento.

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