Croatia by sailboat

Croatia by sailboat

12. October, 2021
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Pristine sea, nature and fun is the perfect mix for an unforgettable holiday! A sailing cruise in Croatia is ideal for a relaxing holiday in places of rare beauty!

The natural sailing provided by the sails, the sound of the wind and the lapping of the sea on the hull are sensations difficult to tell if you have not lived in first person. A sailing cruise is the preferred means to see places otherwise inaccessible being carried by the wind on a crystal clear and inviting sea.

Kornati Islands, a paradise close to home

Unspoilt nature reigns supreme in the heart of the Adriatic Sea, a stone’s throw from home. Croatia is a place where nature is still wild and dominant. With its long jagged coasts and archipelagos facing it, it is the dream of every sailor.

The Kornati Islands, for example, are a must-see! It is an archipelago of 147 islands in front of Dalmatia, unspoilt nature reserve. Access has some limitations, both for navigation and for diving. Arriving at sight of these beautiful islands on board a silent and ecological sailing boat is an unforgettable experience!

Starting from Zadar they are easily reachable and open to the public. Easy navigation under the coast and at times in the open sea will make your holiday extremely enjoyable. From Dugi Otok to Opat and back via Pasman, Uglian and Iz, you will have access to lovely stretches of sea. Sailing in the natural park of the Kornati Islands you can swim in coves that have nothing to envy to tropical paradises. A cruise that can be done in a week of sailing and that looks really memorable!

Croazia in barca a vela.jpg

Dolphins and nature parks, Croatia as you’ve never seen it

Perhaps not everyone knows that in the waters of Dalmatia there are places particularly loved by dolphins! A sailing holiday between the islands of Dalmatia will give the opportunity to admire them in all their sympathy. It is not uncommon for dolphins to accompany navigation with their evolutions!

It is a navigation that provides short stretches and pleasant stops. You can visit the many bays that open between the islands and you can make fantastic baths.

Or you can follow an itinerary through the natural parks of the Kornati islands, the waterfalls of Krka and Telascita. In this way you will have the opportunity to see natural areas of breathtaking beauty, where unspoiled nature is sovereign.

The navigation, always in short stages, is perfect to go down to the ground and visit the most beautiful places. But also to relax on board moored in the harbor and enjoy the sun, the sea and relaxation of a dream holiday.

The sea of Croatia offers so much and a sailing holiday in its waters is a holiday that stays in the heart. Hard to forget and hard not to come back after being there even once.

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