Cruise in the Seychelles: welcome to paradise!

Cruise in the Seychelles: welcome to paradise!

12. October, 2021
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Seychelles cruise: paradise suddenly

Here we are, it’s almost Christmas and holidays in the Seychelles are charming as well as “warm”. As the cold starts to appear, deep inside in our heart we would like to avoid it at least during the Christmas holidays. Who has never thought about an exotic destination with the relentless cold of these days? The holidays between Christmas and New Year are perfect for a holiday offering sun, sea and relax. White beaches, transparent water that becomes green on the horizon, and a breeze that cuddles us under the sun. Fantasies? Certainly yes, but easy to make come true.

To the great exotic charm of a destination like the Seychelles, you can add a bit of verve. Yes, a nice sailing tour on a sailboat or a catamaran. Do you have the picture in mind? Sailing along the coast exploring this corner of paradise, stopping on empty beaches and having dinner by the sea… there is no comparison.

It is a unique experience and you will live emotions that will hardly come back. Definitely an extraordinary Christmas outside the lines!

Not only for Christmas…

Holidays in the Seychelles are like jeans: good for all seasons, even if it should be noted that spring is surely the best period. No matter the period of your holidays, concentrate yourself on the destination and above all, on the endless things you can do. No problem, there will always be an evening cocktail… but beside this, there will be much more to do. For example, excursions around the bays, where you can enjoy your sailboat or catamaran from your cabin or from the deck while sailing in wonderful waters full of marine life…

And snorkeling? Have you ever thought about the marvels of the seabed of the Seychelles, and of how much fun you can have by immersing yourself in a new place every day? This is for sure one of the most authentic journeys to feel free, the very essence of a holiday in which you can collect many experiences and emotions. You have the option to rent a sailboat of a catamaran with or without skipper, depending on your experience and requirements.

Holidays in the Seychelles, your personal cruise

Who has never gone on holiday to the sea? Practically everybody. But how many have been to the Seychelles on a sailboat or a catamaran? Exactly, it is a choice that marks your life, one that gives no chance and will always be in your heart and in your mind. Impossible to forget the sparkling sea, the warm sun and the blue sky merging with the water, not to mention the sunset on the beach or admired from the boat. Moments worth a lifetime, which will surely stay in your memory as well as in the one of your camera!

There will be no more vivid moments than these, especially if we go on holiday with our partner or our best friends. The archipelago, with its 115 islands, offers amazing landscapes for your selfies or the souvenir photos you will keep as a treasure. Your holidays in the Seychelles will be one of your best times. Discovering these islands is not only an escape from a fast-paced world, but also a starting point to refresh your spirit!

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